Canna Mango Prosciutto Tart ( + Recipe)

5 months ago


Hey Stoners!

It´s a beautiful day that started a bit warmer and it was still very sunny here while I was drafting this post. I hope you all are coping with he lock-down. Today, I am going to share an edible... a tart that I baked using Mango and Prosciutto and guess what, I added decarbed leaves of Green Poison from the last harvest. I have done this tart so many times but this is the first time I have added the sugar leaves.



Just another munchie recipe....

I should say this had been sort of an experiment that is why I only sprinkled half of the tart with the decarbed leaves...A teaspoon of the pulverized leaves is not that plenty, reason is... I do not want to spoil the taste of the tart because this is one of my hubbz´s fave tarts. I have used before minimum of 2 teaspoon mixed in a brownie recipe and the result was much better than the ones I brought home from Amsterdam. So below is my recipe.

Canna Mango Prosciutto Tart

1 ready-made roll of puff-pastry available in supermarkets
1 ripe mango , peeled and scoop the fruit with a spoon
1 pack sliced italian prosciutto
125 ml curd
1 tablespoon creme fraíche
2 eggs
1 egg yolk to brush the pastry edge
salt and pepper
Butter to coat the form


1... Use a tart form and coat it with butter, open the pack of puff-pastry and roll the dough on to the form, cut excess dough and add it to the uncovered side of the form ( depending on the size of the form, can be that the dough does not cover the whole form). Prick the dough surface with a form many times so it won´t get bubbles during baking.

2... Combine 2 eggs, the curd and creme fraíche in a bowl, stir to blend into a smooth consistency. Add to the form with the dough spreading it evenly on the whole surface. Add the scooped mango randomly and distribute the prosciutto. Then sprinkle the decarbed leaves on the tart. Brush the dough or the tart edges with the beaten egg yolk to make it golden brown in color during the baking. Then, cover the tart form with an aluminum foil and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C /356°F , place on the oven lower rack and bake for 30 minutes... check the middle of the tart if done by inserting a toothpick, when it comes out clean, the tart is done.

Since I used only one teaspoon (for the experiment) of the decarbed canna leaves , you may increase it by adding 1 or two more teaspoons for more potency. Enjoy baking!


The effects had not been that much, just a slight numbness of the tongue after digesting the tart which was about an hour after. Taste wise, it was good, it did not affect the whole sweet mango flavor that dominated the tart and the mild salty prosciutto even contributed a bit to its distinctive taste. just like a herbal would. I´ll be adding more decarbed leaves in this recipe in my next baking session.

Enjoy baking!






Keep puffin´for a high!


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Its a mouth watering recipe, it look so delivious and I eanna taste it how it could make me high to the moon.


I was like aww looks delirious wahaha, forgive my eyesight it didnt sleep that long that's why lol...


Hahaha... How I wish we could munch together. Well who knows, I might visit you i your home province after you retire from your work in KSA.

Oh my! I wanna have one! Thanks for this awesome receipe.


You are welcome dear.

I'm moving in with @Indaymers!


Which means plenty of munchies to taste...hehehe.


I'm in! :D

thanks for the recipe and the slice, I like the fusion it looks herbie and organic though it's a tart but I want it in my pizza,
smoke on!


8Of course you can try the ingredients in a pizza except use tomato puree' to brush the dough instead of curd and creme fraiche..I am sure it will turn to be delish..

I just had lunch but looking at this you made me hungry again 😋



Oh, i have to try this one 🤤😍 Do you do takeaway? 😅😁

Guys please visit my page I'm really discouraged 😔😔😔

This see delicious

Never thought about anything like this for a cannabis recipe before 😲