So long, so long

2 days ago

I am really glad to find myself in this community. I heard about a while ago and was immediately attracted to the concept of a community of stoner freely expressing their selves without the usual bullshit of social media and censorship blah blah blah.
The route here have not been easy by the way, started applying to join smoke for more than a year now, checking my email everyday for the confirmation email, days turned to weeks and weeks to months, but no confirmation email.
After countless complains and fustration, I gave up hope on getting registered on smoke. Then all of a sudden two days ago ,I received my confirmation email, I was visibly elated.
I have been going through the community trying to understand it's operational procedures, just having fun generally.
This is my first smoke post, and I tend to enjoy my stay here, make friends and earn smoke while helping the community grow.
I know it will be worth the wait.
I am finally a member of smoke, so long, so long

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Yea, the registration process has some big issues. Welcome to smoke! :)


I hope its solved now 😊


Thanks, hope it gets resolved ...

Welcome 👍 no usual BS but because rewards are involved do not be stealing anyone’s content ... simple links and credits will often do but beware of copyrights ❤️



Welcome to smoke 😊💚