No verification. Why?

5 months ago

Guys, I'm really confused. Is it okay for black market not to have verification? Look at or
In FAQ u can find info about documents and etc. but actually potlala - phone number verification
1-8OZ - email verification. That's all.
Of course, it is great for us, for consumers: anonymity, security, bla bla bla. But what about teenagers?
What do u think about it?
#delivery #verification #weed #blackmarket #1-8oz #potlala
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Most of those websites operate outside of any legal jurisdiction. Not that they are "above the law", but they just ignore it. If a website operator is skirting certain laws, is it really that big of a question mark when they don't follow other regulations?


Why doesn't the government take measures against it?


They tried by setti g the new rules and regs.. It worked and it didn't. I believe they are starting to enforce these rules harder now with Dea raids. Not so many arrests apparently though (US, Canada) .

Do you think dealers on the corner verify age?

That’s one of the things with prohibition. Not controlled and the “forbidden fruit” aspect also plays a part in that.

Now, who would submit verification to black market platforms? You going to send a selfie with ID to a known black market platform? Who’s accountable when they sell your data? When they sell your passport number?

Isn’t it bad enough already that they [most likely] have your address on record. How high do you think are the chances that your address, stored in their database, is actually hashed, salted [and given a backrub] before it is stored?

As long as the black market exists... young guns will find their sources whenever they want. End prohibition is the answer, all stats have shown that teen use is down in legal states. It’s that simple. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yes, absolutely agree with u, and especially about debit cards data. I know that today most websites hash your data: passwords, passports, etc. but it is a big temptation to sell credit cards data or steal it. The only way is to pay by BTC. I've chosen instead of only because the only true data they have is your adress and that's all.


I would opt to have it delivered to office/co-loc work space even. :)

Doesn’t Eaze deliver to Sacramento yet?


Actually yes. But I switched to another platform.