Stop voting for @purpleflowers! He's stealing photos from online!

9 months ago

@PurpleFlowers Abusing.

@JackDub was the first one, I think, to catch it... but @PurpleFlowers has been using images taken from online to make money from us here. I also think that the "trail" following him is simply alt accounts meant to make an ROI. I have a feeling somehow that it's related to this @Darian person. I'm not 100% sure, but I know that from now on I will be flagging all of @PurpleFlowers' posts and I suggest you do the same unless you'd like to support a plagiarist/photo stealer. I don't think you do...

^ @JackDub found this one and it sent me looking.

I could keep looking, but 3 CLEAR examples of photo stealing, is more than enough for me.
One is more than enough, so 3 is overkill in this case.

Feel free to look for yourself, the evidence is there and is very clear.

When he made the post about the chemdog moonrocks, he acted like he just got them, but then @JackDub pointed out that someone must have "stolen his pic" back in 2018, as it was an old pic. :) Clearly busted! :)

Please kill all of his current rewards and don't support him in the future! If you care about this place at all...

Tagged for visibility of higher stakeholders and for awareness:
@Indica, @Stoner, @GoldenDawne, @Unnamed, @LordOfTruth, @TecnosGirl, @KiefPreston, @Offgrid, @D00k13, @BBQ-Iguana, @JackDub, @DaveDickeyYall, @TTR

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Thanks for the heads up. I'm here for the original Content.


Exactly! If I wanted googled images... I could spend my time very well just googling images... This is where I want to see individualism at it's finest. Real lives, real buds, real time. That's what I'm in this for. :)


Me too.

nice catch!


The catch is really attributed to @JackDub, but thank you regardless! We are trying to curb as much of this behavior as we can. I am not hunting for it like I used to be, but a good check every now and then could provide some interesting results such as here. ;) Helps that others are occasionally checking as well!

nice catch, I've muted him