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The advent of the cryptocurrency, has brought a major and recurring transformation to the world.There has been a soar in the number of persons who use cryptocurrency and that number keeps going up. It is natural that individuals would only want to invest with the cryptocurrencies at the very top but no cryptocurrency can be at the top if the holders are few comparatively. This has necessitated the introduction of a social media cryptocurrency generation based platform called bearshares

bearshares is a cryptocurrency ERC20 token, it is based Ethereum blockchain.Bearshare is a prospect, it shall, like other cryptocurrencies, serve as a medium of payment for goods and services to whoever wishes to accept it.

Bearshare has got lots of investors as witnesses who are working day and night to ensure that the project gets to the permanent site. There is still room to invest in this project, should you want to be a witness or support this project kindly contact @bilalhaider

This is the list of the witnesses we have so far;

  1. @bearshare
  2. @bilalhaider
  3. @bmj
  4. @halo
  5. @loki
  6. @samest
  7. @zahidsun
  8. @aquacy
  9. @dariuska2008

Over 1 million bearshare has been earned by those who have registered since the inception of the platform and you can earn more and lots more to be gained. On registration, you get 1000 bear from Bearshares. Since the inception of Bearshare, users have earned whooping sum of bearshares and bear power (I can testify to that), there is more to that; there will be more to come as long as you are eager to work.

Bearshare wishes to grant financial breakthrough and financial independence to many, aside monetary gain, it Will expose users to more online opportunities.

Come and seize this wonderful opportunity, to grasp your bears and bear power as over 1000 user including me are beneficiaries of bearshare rewards. Generally, cryptocurrency around the globe is presently not hiking, but there is a very high hope of normalcy in the crypto world. The arrival of bearshare is timely, come on board today and be rest assured of making some cool tokens while you fun. @hilltop

Shout out to @samest @me-tarzan @drigweeu @chibuzorwisdom @halo @bmj @samstonehill @ahlawat @spinbunny @hakeemshah24 @hakeemsha24 @arvindkumar @letsgheek @zone-in

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I don't Promoting bearshares is allowed here, i believe you don't want your post to be flaged because your post has nothing to do with cannabis.

This is not allowed here.

Bearshares is a dictatorship centralized chain, please do not promote it here.


When you say centralized what do you mean? Does it not support witnessing?


Do you think it is ethical that in top 10 there’s three witnesses all by the founder (albeit one is disabled currently)?

Those are the same people who were capable of giving themselves a founder stake.

I suggest you hang out some time in the main discord and look for possible “oddities” in behavior. What you may discover could be rather baffling.


Bali says he will delete you account if you do not follow whathe wants.

I have photos of the conversation qith him saying he wants a centralized dictatorship chain