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If a company (a) buys 51% of another company (b). Company (a) is then shot-caller and technical owner of company (b) - right?

What happens if company (b) also buys 51% of company (a)?

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This thought reminds me of something quoted by the late, great, Mitch Hedberg:

"My belt holds my pants up, but the belt loops hold my belt up. I don't really know what's happening down there. Who is the real hero?"

These types of questions deserve answers!

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Opportunity Awaits

Jokes aside, there is a possible opportunity to add token utility - sparked from this baked brainwreck.

Musing.io but for SMOKE!

I've been kicking around ideas for developing on the Smoke Network. Inspired by @indica and the smoke-indica.com blog he created.

Here are some potential projects I've come up with so far:

Ask/Answer Service (Like musing.io/quora)

p2p Wagered Competitive Game

Smoke Dice (Like magic-dice)

Smoked (Like Steemd.com) - Which has already been previously done, but the site is down now.

Pipe Cleaners (Steemcleaners) - a bot which flags or warns users of plagiarized posts.

Smoke.io Blog (Like smoke-indica.com) Because more backlinks to Smoke.io can't hurt right?

Can you think of something you'd like to see built on Smoke?

Let me know below or in the discord chat.

(I want to stay clear from vote-bot/delegation reward services. They may bring token utility, though I believe they have an overall negative impact on the smoke network as a whole)

#smoke #cannabis #dev #dapp

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There is many ideas, I think we are lacking developers here.
World map of legalised and available places to smoke, plant outdoors, for canna tourism; strain review database; marketplace...


Yea I recently read the whitepaper/roadmap
Apparently they had planned to integrate a strain library of sorts.

Im actually thinking thats where Im going to start

and it shall be called: blockstrain.info

Freaking love those other ideas as well btw.
If you don't mind I may start working on one or two if I find the time?


Most definitely, go for it!


Wow thanks! Thats awesome


Since the other site went down that is what I been using


I'll be using it from now on as well - thanks again for letting me know!

Wicked job cheers

(I want to stay away from the vote-selection services / bot delegates.) I will support you in this. And all your ideas to improve the platform are good. Will I have ideas I will share with you.Thanks.

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