Can cannabis be sold on & Steemit?

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Hey #smoke Fam!

Just a wild thought, back in the days of SilkRoad cannabis wasn't yet as legalized as it is today. At least from what I know about it, its nothing out of the ordinary nowadays to order some stuff online on sites like or and many others who offer deliveries to your door.

I know there's a growing cannabis community here on and Steemit which is great and I'm sure this is only the beginning. With that being said, I feel like there's maybe some room for such an idea as the "Weed Market" somewhere on the blockchain. I think this could work really well if the right minds come together.

What do Y'all think? I have posted on Steemit as well and I'm looking forward to all the answers.

Time to grind this baby now, chat soon:)


Thanks for stopping by! Enjoint your day/night!

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Yes, yes, and yes.

In the end it is up to the seller to make sure they comply with all existing regulation in their location.

If we look ahead a little [here on SMOKE, we don’t always look at the other side here], there is definitely a huge opportunity for anybody who would setup a dApp which is a sort of Amazon for Cannabis, a third-party marketplace, and where people can pay with SMOKE. There are many interesting different models which can be developed around marijuana e-commerce and would totally fit blockchain integration.


This would be amazing! If regulations are adhered to, then I don't see any problem in doing so as well. Only thing to look out for would be sellers illegally pushing. That could get bad PR for smoke. We can put a disclaimer saying Smoke is not responsible for purchases/sells etc but it still might put smoke in a negative light imo! But I love the concept.


Thank you for sharing your opinion @chiraagnd!

There are many ways to make this work, SilkRoad had a great thing going as a community which helped the site to evolve. Only one problem tho, imo you can't sell heroin and such drugs online like its nothing.

I think we would have none of the issues SilkRoad had in the aftermath... Because weed is weed, and will always be weed:)


To be honest, and don’t get me wrong I do understand both community and decentralization - the latter doesn’t work without the former btw, while at this early stage it can be “hacked” together... those who do such should expect that sooner rather than later someone will come and develop an actual dApp and runaway with “first mover” advantage merely by having gone the distance to bring something more.

It is one of the reasons why I personally do not like to always look at Steem. Steem is a great community but to be entirely honest... on development level the community itself has also lacked and for a platform with such a huge and thriving userbase the dev (and dApp) output has been minimal.

I highly suggest that those who want to make it happen consider everything rather well and resist the temptation of “would ship anywhere” because that would only bring negativity to the platform. Publicity it would bring but it would not necessarily result in token value.

Disclaimer: I would order if not in the country where I currently live. But that would be from “community” side then, yet I personally don’t think it would necessarily be the best approach to contribute to a platform which also aims at removing negativity, stigmatization, and eventually contribute to hopefully worldwide legalization.

Compulsory bonus note: there’s always the so-called “hostile behavior” and you bet that once a “free flowing trade” spreads, there would be “other” things sold too (via memos aso). The hostile behavior is true and can and will always damage the best not-organized intentions, often by being even better organized.

This is a different era from Silk Road. We can now make things happen visibly. With that also comes responsibility. Decentralized and censor-free is challenging enough already in itself. ;)

· you mean like this but on the smoke chain epic, You are right this is very possible


Yes, a simple place where people could sell/buy their stuff, no matter where they are. Something like Amazon for cannabis :)


Yeah, This easily could be done with the right know how


Happy to hear that man! I knew I had something there:)

I am not the dev type, unfortunately. I do have great connects in my country and access to all sorts of stuff at a super nice price.

It would be great for the #smoke ecosystem and #smoke token.

In the end it is up to the seller to make sure they comply with all existing regulation in their location.

True, I have no problem shipping up to medium amounts anywhere in the world.

Anyone out there that wanna join forces?:)

Yes... I have been able to get some seeds with Steem over on Steemit. I’m sure the same will happen here on


Great stuff @offgrid, thanks for letting us know!


You can send Smoke and Steem to people you trust.... it’s easy with the Transfer button... but you need a way to message each other privately. needs to build in a private Message app.

Interesting enough this blockchain has built in "Escrow" and built in "encryption" to memo keys.

... Almost as if something like the tools for this are ready for some anonymous dev to run with and do exactly that. Perhaps as a front-end on the darknet itself but using smoke chains encrypted memo and escrow feaures?


It all goes back to this post by Dan Larimer on Steem. :)

PS: why the darknet focus. On blockchain we believe in transparency. :D

This is a very good idea... I hope it will become a reality sooner or later :)