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The Black Panther is a 2018 production of Marvel Studios and is being rewritten by @Groot exclusively for the community as a work of fiction. All characters, incidents, places, and names are products of actual community members, Marvel Comics, and @Groot's stoned, storytelling imagination. Any similarities to locales and events are entirely fictitious and for purposes only!




This Book is Dedicated to "Black History Month" and @Groot's African American Brothers and Sisters.



Many dark and @cannabis centuries ago, five African tribes declare war against one another over a meteorite containing alien smoke power known as @Arsenal49. A warrior named @Lilweezy who smokes mad weed ingests a strain of Wedding Cake grown by @Igbo4Cake, effected by its super alien genetics, he becomes's first Black @Cannabis Panther with superhuman abilities.



As many generations of flowering stages pass, the @Cannaweedness use the @Arsenal49 to engineer a highly-advanced city and smoke exchange with endless Bitcoins at their disposal; however, it comes with the price of being isolated from the rest of the crypto-world and deeming them as a third-party server and outcast among the @cannabis universe.

@Lilweezy unites all of his peoples and forms the first Witness Nation of @Cannaweedness, overseen by three mysterious alien children @Raz, @Eonwarped, and @Unnamed.



In the @cannabis calendar year of 1992, @SmokeRings visits his brother @FutureThinker who is working deep undercover as a BudTender in Oakland, CA.


@FutureThinker, "I'm sorry my brother, I did betray the people of @Cannaweedness."

@SmokeRings accuses @FutureThinker of assisting black-market @cannabis dealer @Indica in stealing the valuable @Arsenal49 from @Cannaweedness and during an argument, @SmokeRings kills @Futurethinker while @Indica remains at large.


@Indica, "Go ahead and fuck with my smoke coins mate and see what happens!"

@D00k13 AS ZURI


In the current @cannabis year 2020, following @SmokeRing's death at the hands of @ZPZN, his son @Lilweezy returns to @Cannaweedness to assume the @Cannabis Throne. @Cannaweedness' General, @Indaymers extracts @Lilweezy's ex-girlfriend @GreenLeaves from a top-secret cloning mission in Nigeria's @Cannabis Forest, where he also reunites with his mother @Tecnosgirl, the Queen of Smoke and his sister @GoldenDawne.





Later that evening during the formal King's Ceremony, @Lilweezy smokes mad weed that removes his ability of strength during the challenge to the other tribes that declares him as the rightful Black @Cannabis King in a fight to the death.

@D00k13 blesses the Black @Cannabis Panther.

All of the tribes stand down but one. @Jeroen240, the leader steps through the mountain passageway and faces @Lilweezy.


@Jeroen240, "You don't deserve to be King!"

The challenger @Jeroen240 is not someone to take lightly for he is a mighty foe and leader of the landrace tribe @WeedBoss, who claims @Lilweezy isn't worthy of being the @Cannabis King.

The two engage in a vicious fight, purposely trying to kill one another as they get dangerously close to the edge of the waterfall. However, he is no match for @Lilweezy who graciously spares his life and is crowned the new @Cannabis King and Black @Cannabis Panther.

@Lilweezy spares his brother's life.

@Lilweezy is laid down in the @Garden-Works overseen by @D00k13 as he ingests the Eternal Smoke Flower from the Black Panther's Heart and is taken to another dimension where he visits his Ancestral Plane.

He finds his father who warns him of troubles ahead and that he should take heed because evil threatens the @Cannaweedness Throne. Armed with this news, @Lilweezy wakes from his dream and sees the Black Panther's @Cannabis Tree of Eternal Life.

At the Museum of Great Britain, @Indica and his associate @Luismy work together to steal an @Arsenal49 artifact donated by @Cannaweedness as @Indica tells one of the guards to leave and he won't be hurt, but he lies and shoots him in the back.

@Indica, "Sorry mate, I told you not to fuck with my smoke coins!"

Meanwhile, @Indica’s associate @Luismy has his eye on another important @Cannaweedness Artifact.

@Luismy, "You now belong to me!"

When @Cannaweedness hears of @Indica’s actions, @Lilweezy's friend and @Indaymer's lover @LordofTruth, who lost his parents as a result of @Indica's murderous actions, urges the young fighter to deliver his dead body.



@Lilweezy, @Indaymers, and @Greenleaves plan to intercept @Indica at an underground cultivation facility known as @CurationBro, where he has plans to sell the @Arsenal49 Artifact to an unknown black market buyer. However, his plan goes south when @Lilweezy discovers that the buyer is a CIA Agent called @Bench.


@Bench questions @Indica about the stolen @Aresenal49; however, @Indica is not a rat and doesn't reveal his sources.

Meanwhile, @Luismy takes the @Cannaweedness Artifact and prepares to break his associate out of the brink.

@Luismy, "Never send a boy to do a King's job!"

@Luismy, "Let's get this party started!"

@Indica, "About fucking time mate, smoke these bitches!"

@Luismy goes on a rampage killing and is blowing everything up in his sight, and as a result, a high-speed chase and shoot-out ensues.

@Indica fires a wrist rocket launcher at @Lilweezy, trying to kill him.

@Lilweezy digs his panther claws deep into the roof of @GreenLeaves' car and avoids the heavy artilery.

@Lilweezy plans his Black @Cannabis Panther attack.

@Lilweezy dives toward @Indica's pimped-out Range Rover and drives his claws deep into the front driver's side wheel and removes the lug nuts.

@Lilweezy does a backward cat-flip and bearly escapes the carnage.

@Indaymers jumps through the air and with her @RealKiki85 forged spear, ends the chase and carves the pavement to shreds.

During the explosion, @Bench is severely injured and on his death bed. @Lilweezy makes a decision to have @Bench taken to @Cannaweedness' state-of-the-art Infirmary where his sister @GoldenDawne uses her medical training to save his life.

@GoldenDawne, "Since when did the @Cannaweedness get in the business of fixing broken white boys?"

While @GoldenDawne heals @Bench, @Lilweezy confronts @D00k13 about @FutureThinker. @D00k13 explains that @FutureThinker planned to share @Cannaweedness' technology with stoners of African descent throughout the @cannabis universe in order to help with them battle their oppressors.

As @SmokeRings goes to arrest @FutureThinker, he attacks him, leaving @SmokeRings no choice but to kill him in self-defense. @SmokeRings instructed @D00k13 to lie about it and say he simply disappeared instead, leaving behind @FutureThinker's young American son @Luismy who would go on to be a US Black Ops Soldier, adopting the assassin's nickname @Relaylogix.

@Luismy, "This is my fucking crib now bitches!"

Meanwhile, @Relaylogix kills @Indica in a junkyard and takes his dead corpse to @LordofTruth at @Cannaweedness.

Then he reveals his true identity before the tribal elders of @Cannaweedness Witness Nation and challenges @Lilweezy to a fight for his Throne as the elders make a unanimous decision that @Luismy is a rightful descendant of the @Cannaweedness and can challenge the Black @Cannabis Panther.

In walks the rightful heir to the @WeedBoss Tribe and his General @LordofTruth.

@Luismy, "You ain't shit homie, I'm taking that motha fucking throne!"

@Lilweezy, "I accept your challange!"

The combat ritual starts with @Lilweezy smoking more mad weed to remove his Black @Cannabis Panther's powers as @D00k13 announces the battle.

@Luismy calls the King out!

@Lilweezy and @Luismy fight a brutal battle and exchange heavy blows.

@Luismy kills @D00k13 for interfering before stabbing @Lilweezy in the torso with a @RealKiki85 forged dagger and conquers @Lilweezy before throwing him over the edge of a waterfall to his death.

After ingesting the Eternal Smoke Flower from the Black @Cannabis Panther's Heart in the @Garden-Works, he takes a trip to the Ancestral Plane and doesn't like his vision of the future, so upon his return, he orders the @Garden-Works to be set ablaze, ensuring he's the last Black @Cannabis Panther in existence; however, @GreenLeaves manages to steal one without the new King seeing her actions.

Back on his throne, @Relaylogix supported by @LordofTruth enacts his father's plan to send the @Arsenal49 throughout the @cannabis galaxy to operatives that include London, Hong Kong, and New York City.

@Luismy, "You heard the man, get this shit popping bitches!"

@Greenleaves, @Goldendawne, @Bench, and @Lilweezy's mother @Tecnosgirl, flee to the highest mountains of the @Cannabis Gods to seek the aid of @Stoner, the Founder.


They soon discover that the founding BudFather is caring for the comatose @Lilweezy who was presumed to be dead, and as the BudFather is speaking to the refugees, @Bench asks the BudFather for some Roasted Mutton and the situation turns ugly.

@Stoner, "Pass me the green stuff!"

The group is taken to @Lilweezy's body encased in ice and they feed him the Eternal Smoke Flower that @GreenLeaves stole and cover his face with snow. @Lilweezy is transported from the Ancestral Plane back to his family and breathes his first breath since his tragic toss over the waterfalls.

@Lilweezy raises himself to the true Black @Cannabis Panther and sets course to @Cannaweedness to rescue his people from the dictator @Luismy and embraces his one love @GreenLeaves .

@Lilweezy, "You truly do love me?"

@GreenLeaves, "To death and back, my King."

At @Cannaweedness, @GoldenDawne, @Greenleaves, @Indaymers, and the @Cannaweedness Army battle @LordofTruth's men in a monumental battle as @GoldenDawne guides @Bench who is remotely manning a Fighter Spacecraft to destroy the enemy's spaceships before they leave the country with the @Arsenal49.

@Bench, "Yo, this shit's ill as fuck!"

As the fight intensifies on the battlefield, @LordofTruth is confronted by @Indaymers.

@LordofTruth, "Are you serious girl?"

@Indaymers, "On my life, for the love of @Cannweedness!"

While @LordofTruth's men standdown an intense battle ensues between @Luismy, @GoldenDawne and the @Cannaweedness Army.

@GoldenDawne fires multiple rounds at @Luismy and breifly stuns him.

The @Cannaweedness Army launches an all-out assult on @Luismy.

@Stoner and his Army arrive and quickly restore order.

@Luismy fends off the attack and puts @GoldenDawn's life in jeopardy, but the Black @Cannabis Panther arrives on the scene in style.

@Lilweezy, "This is my motha fucking house!"

@Lilweezy punches the earth and sends out a sonic blast wave killing the remaining enemies in the battlefield, saving @GoldenDawn's life and attacks the imposter.

They fall into the sonic distruptor transport tunnels fighting for supremacy.

A train pases through the battle scene as each one looks for an advantage to kill.

The Black @Cannabis Panther gets the upper hand and stabs @Luismy in the chest with a dagger forged by @RealKiki85.

Dying, @Lilweezy helps his cousin to the surface of the mountain and tells him that he holds no hard feelings because he should not have been orphaned on the streets of Oakland, and he should have been brought home to the @Cannweedness instead. @Lilweezy offers to heal @Luismy, but he pulls the dagger out of his chest and hands the @Black @Cannabis Panther his dagger in love. @Lilweezy places his hand on his dying brother's shoulder as they watch @Luismy's last @Cannaweedness' sunset together.

@Lilweezy establishes a new @Cannaweedness Witness Embassy in Oakland and buys the apartment complex where @FutureThinker was murdered. He appoints @GoldenDawne and @GreenLeaves to run the cultivation operations as he arrives on the scene in a brand new @Cannaweedness Spacecraft to make his presence known to the world and to a group of local neighborhood ballers.

A young foreigner approaches @Lilweezy and asks him a question?

@Canada, "Because that ride's fly as fuck eh!"







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Does this count as the first Smoking Romance Story 😅 cannaweedness is defiantly one dope ass ship!