Happy Hemp Day January 8th 2020 (...part 1)

last year

What’s up Smokers, today is Wednesday January 8th. If you’re an Elvis fan Hope your enjoying your dude’s day.

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[image by JoeySLLiks]

On Wednesdays, I’ve noticed that people like to say happy Humpday, which I don’t have a problem with, but I do see it as a missed opportunity to increase the public awareness about the benefits of using industrial hemp by instead saying Happy HempDay .....

Why is Wednesday Hempday not the other days..... well when properly pronounced it becomes apparent the true meaning of weedness day.....as well as the day at the middle of the week, so is the perfect time to take a break and everyone who takes breaks should be using cannabis, in one way or another… Perhaps using hemp derived plastic cup or utensil to enjoy a snack or using a hemp made rope to take a dog for a walk Maybe using some hemp made rolling papers to roll yourself a big fat Spliff on your lunch break…it’s up to you.

{photo by JoeySLLiks)

It’s your Hemp Day enjoy it!

What I am proposing, if you’re reading this that you will join me in instituting a Wednesday catchphrase happy hemp day!

{photo by JoeySLLiks)

For today’s post I’d like to talk about hempcrete. Many folks in the community are producing a great supply of quality hemp stalks and end up throwing them away.

Wouldn't it be great if we could reclaim this resource and put it to good use ...maybe Use it in the amazing building material, hemp Crete

In regards to moving toward the goal of destigmatization and increasing public awareness of the benefits of industrial hemp, maybe we could organize an effort to do something really great with this stuff.

if you have any ideas please comment below,

It would be cool if we could turn hempcrete into useful items that could be traded and bought or sold, maybe even on this platform.

As you may know , HempCrete is made from hemp hurds, lime, and water. when you mix them together they make a material that’s perfect for building with .

It’s fireproof pest resistant and doesn’t have the chemical exposure problem that almost all of the current building materials have. Another advantage to hempcrete is that by growing the hemp for it you’re reducing CO2 omissions and potentially decontaminating or reconditioning the soil Of our farming infrastructure.

I accidentally published this post before adding images so I made a part 2


Happy Hemp Day!

{photo by JoeySLLiks)

{photo by JoeySLLiks)

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Great Idea .... Yes ... Hemp can save the World. Our gardens should be filled with Hemp. Use it for everything. Food, clothing, housing, heating, fuel for vehicles .... everything everything can be made with Hemp. It's so easy to grow .... it grows like a Weed.