A few new images for canna-curate. 🌱GHRO SHOWs🌱

6 months ago

Tonight I created a few new images for @canna-curate, I was cooking and creating and hitting my pen...#Tangie and also some #girlscoutcookies. #art is relaxing!

I was going to head back into discord to check out the GHRO SHOW tonight, but I apparently got sidetracked with #SMOKE!!! I happened to listen in on a show or two recently and enjoyed the vibes. If you have time throughout the week check em out for some sweet tunes with some new budz!!!

Tune In to GHRO: Green House Radio Online

Join the Canna-Curate Discord group to tune-in to GHRO for Talk, Chat, News, and Music Podcasts. A great way to connect with other Smokers and fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Click the image below to start listening!!!


WeedDayHigh timeType of showAwesomeness
Mondays10PM ESTCuration Show@jonyoudyer & @Bluntsmasha
Tuesdays7PM ESTSMASH! - Music, Talk@AsonIntrigue
Thursdays7-8PM ESTThorsday Seshjuan - Talk, Music, News@jackdub
Fridays4-6PM ESTThe Resistance - News, Talk, Music@gregorypatrick
Fridays10-11PM ESTFried Radio@qwoyn
Saturdays8PM ESTFull Metal Jacket@inthenow
Sundays3PM ESTArt Bell Tribute@qwoyn

The Last Sunday of every month - 7PM EST DJ White Owl - Blessed Sessions @Movement19



😄Thanks for reading! Hope you all have an amazing night😄 Make sure if you're on steem to give the non-smokers who are listed here a hit or two


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Nice pics man :-D Glad to say that I'm part of the Canna-curate group on Steemit and here. My old roommate helped co-found it in fact haha.


Thanks! That's pretty sweet!!! Hope I'll see u around then!

Much LOVE & RESPECT for the designs as well as mentions to GHRO! We are happy to have any and ALL in Canna Curate community. Please join us for the LIVE shows on Green House Radio Online.


I definitely have to check it out more! Glad to help in whatever ways I can!

So impressed by the whole community going on here!


It is a pleasant grouo😁

Great work. Will need to start tuning in. I would like to upvote post but my SP is too low.



No worries! I'll be around🤗 Hope you're having an awesome Frieday!