While I Was Away Some Fabulous New Members Joined: See Who I Found

7 months ago

In my month long absence from SMOKE.io, I was cruising around the site yesterday and this morning as I sipped my coffee; reading, making some comments and looking at some new members who have joined since my hiatus while I got some personal issues in order.

To say I was in awe of some of the new members, their writing abilities (I have a degree in journalism) and their hunger for growing, consuming and being interactive with other members is an understatement.

Many of the posts made me smile... and I decided I wanted to share some of my finds with my own following; just in case you've missed out on these members too. I have three members in my sights and without waiting... here they are!

  • @lamanoverde - From super cropping techniques to updates, this page is full of some great cannabis growing ideas. I can see this member becoming one of my favorites to visit every day!
  • @libbzter - makes their own cannabis infused oils and everyone knows I love making my own too and using it in recipes, homemade salves. While her new updates on seedlings were past the seven day mark, I did thoroughly enjoy reading about the crops and plants' growth.
  • @spiderman - They have only been on the platform for six days! YES SIX DAYS! and are already making a splash for me. From Sour diesel posts to Sour OG (You all know I LOVE my OG's) and this page is full of great posts!

I'm sure there are more members I missed, but these three really impressed me!






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You are right, this network is getting a lot of diverse public from all over the world but the good thing is that they all are very intelligent.
Getting all the cannabis loving people at one place can really help the cause as there is a very famous saying "Unity is Strength".

I know one already out of the three gonna go check out the other two now.

We truly have had some great new members sign up last little bit,

I also noticed them and already upvote some of their posts. Little by little the platform is growing with more people and above all quality posts and as i said is better quality than quantity :)

I have noticed alot of lovelies as well, we are growing strong everyday.

Am honored to be in your list, I am really enjoying smoke.io, it is an awesome community!!!

You've been away for a very long time then, many things have really happened since then, lol, meanwhile, those are some awesome guys!


Oh I know I have! But that is changing... lol

I am enjoying getting around the platform again and feeling so rejuvenated from my absence.

I'm familiar with two of them already and I gotta say I've been enjoying them. I'll have to check out the other one asap though,

I will have to practice more. But by commenting here I’m not unknown anymore either. 😆