Today's Cannabis IS WORSE For Our Health? Really?

4 months ago

So, as I was getting some tasks finished before we leave for the day (my son is getting married this evening), I came across this news story about how today's cannabis is a FAR GREATER health risk now, then before. The US Surgeon General ( or at least this guy-Luke Niforatos- being interviewed) states today's cannabis is:

  • More addictive
  • Has a higher potency (yester-year cannabis was 3% where as today it can be upwards of 99%)
  • You're 5x's more likely to develop psychosis

** Psychosis is defined as "a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality."

  • An increase of diagnosis for mental health issues
  • Slower response time (ie. maybe while driving)


He goes on to further say the research today is not regulated by the FDA; and we all know once the government gets involved, crap happens. Quality goes down. Things get too regulated and prices go up.

This under 4-minute video got me RILED UP!

Once again someone who has no personal experience is spouting off degrading the use and the users of cannabis; whether for medical or recreational reasons.

Watch the video and let me know what your thoughts are.






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More Addictive? No, but It IS More Medicinal Which People Associate with Addiction

Huh? No, really, here's what I mean. Better cannabis means more issues are relieved. The relief of issues you are not aware of creates the 'addiction' response. Remove the issue and the 'addiction' evaporates.

So yes, todays cannabis is much more terpene and cannabinoid rich on average than the last several decades. This means more people get more relief and more people believe they're addicted.

High THC Increases Psychosis? Yes, definitely!

It's only temporary though. Add some CBD and see the huge difference in your mental state. The exact same psychosis happens when you take too much synthetic THC like Marinol or some Spice versions.

Higher Potency?

I sure hope so! More potent cannabis means you need less of it. Do you REALLY want to smoke 6 bowls of low quality cannabis? I'd rather take 2 puffs of some high quality, very potent cannabis... tyvm!

Do you shy away from grapes with 25% more nutritional content? Duh!


Oh yeah... poorly grown cannabis (I call marijuana) is very unhealthy to smoke. Clean cannabis is very healthy to smoke. My wife uses my HEPA filtered, cleanly grown cannabis for asthma control. Has for over 10 years now. :)

Regulated cannabis is usually the poorest quality. Drop the restrictions, regulate it like lettuce and let the quality flow!

So many things wrong in their statements. Clickbait and all We've heard things...
On the other hand I can't agree with you on this

Once again someone who has no personal experience is spouting off degrading the use(...)

Personal experience will always lead to biased opinions and we do not need them. We need facts. I will always support someone that has no personal interest in cannabis and is doing it for the sake of health and science, future potential benefit as well as his own accomplishment.

He will not make silly claims like "cannabis is all cure drug ". Cannabis cures cancer, it kills cancer cells.
Yes, in petri dish...Well, so do bleach and gun...

Anyways, shitty video...

Firstly, Congrats mam! i wish your son a very successful and prosperous new life :) .. And regarding the news no.. i dont agree with that

Geez no doubt she puffs, an I’ll go out on a limb and say he couldn’t hang with his friends dope. Wonder if he’s puffing after he takes that red tie off and looks back on his harsh interview.

Sorry to reply twice, however, that is also a poor excuse for an interview. Why when he mentions “you don’t want a cop to have gotten stoned the night before an arest”, does the journalist not ask why is it then ok for that same cop to have a drink the night before? Last I checked alcohol has similar, if not worse side effects. I’ve never blacked out on cannabis.