Pain Management Now Offering Up CBD Products?

3 months ago

At my husband's most recent pain management doctor's appointment, he was a little surprised to see some pamphlets and advertising (as well as a few bottles) for CBD products.

Now keep in mind, by state law, he has to be drug tested twice a year to be able to continue receiving his opioids' prescriptions. And I also know that CBD does NOT contain THC which is what the drug test is searching for; plus you can buy CBD products just about anywhere here. From gas stations to smoke/tobacco stores to specialty hookah lounges that seem to be popping up on every street corner. So what is the point of these doctors jumping on the CBD band-wagon?

Well... I have to assume the bottom line... the almighty dollar... in my opinion.

I'm quite sure these doctor's offices have a sales rep or sign up to be a seller/wholesaler of these CBD products for a cut of the money. My mom used to work in a doctor's office many years ago and the doctors had relationships with the pharmaceutical reps to push their pills to the patients and they (the doctors) would get free samples and write RXs for the medications; and if I'm not mistaken the pharma reps would pay special attention to the offices that handed out these medications. (I won't specify what perks the office received, but the office personnel was rewarded accordingly.)

These tinctures are made with MCT Oil (a form of glycerin) and while I have made some tinctures here (not cannabis) using glycerin, when I make my cannabis tincture I prefer to use Ever Clear 151. The potency of the cannabis really comes through. Although now I am tempted to make a small bottle of tincture using the glycerin and comparing it to my regular tincture. That could be an interesting future experiment.

And just look at the prices of these CBD tinctures!


All bottles are 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) which is the same size I use for making my tinctures.

Breaking down the cost to make my tincture is under a dollar USD. I buy a 750ml of Ever Clear for about $28/usd and can get about 30 1-oz bottles of tincture from that one bottle of grain alcohol; plus the shake and bud I use to extract when making tincture.


The website Cannabinoid Creations offers different strengths (100mg, 500mg, 1500mg and 3000mg) and I will be the first to admit I know nothing about CBD (ie. how it's made, grown, harvested, etc). but these prices seem a little outrageous to me. As with everything, I guess people who use CBD are hoping as it becomes more readily available the price will come down. But in all honesty, I am thinking it won't be anytime soon. Simply because it is so readily available. And until people learn to grow, harvest and make their own CBD, I suppose the professionals have the market cornered and can name their own pricing.

I have heard that making CBD can be a strenuous and over-drawn process, but then again my knowledge on the topic is fairly limited.

So have any of you ever made your own CBD?
I have to admit I am quite curious about it, but doubt I'd ever attempt to make it.


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I think that is expensive... I have a 10% 10ml CBD Oil bottle (Swiss produced) that costs around 80 Euros/ 87 USD. CBD oil does not contain alcohol, the tincture has it. But then again, we have to consider the effect of both in relation to the price. TBH, the tincture price is a bit on the high side.