Maintaining Equipment For Optimal Use

4 months ago

For the last couple of years (give or take), I have been growing cannabis in my home. I have found a true passion with growing this weed. From the medicinal advantages to just being able to grow a new plant year-round in the confines of my home.

The joy I get from watching every plant start as a clone or from seed to how it develops and changes every day to this miraculous plant is such an overwhelming peace of accomplishment for me.

For those who know me, see how much I care for each plant, how I fuss over every step in the grow process and how I make sure to be proactive when it comes to maintaining a healthy crop.

So imagine my surprise when I was looking for my extra humidity and temperature gauge the other day when I needed to have it in the grow tent for drying out my current crop.


Look at all that corrosion in the battery compartment because I left the battery in there!


Just by using some vinegar (and you could use lemon juice too), a few Q-tips and a piece of paper towel; plus about five minutes of cleaning and wiping, the gauge is back to almost 100% working order.



Still a few small areas to rub-out, but much better for optimal use.

Making sure your equipment is all up to par and in working order can help prevent issues along the way. Knowing the temperature and humidity level in a grow tent is important for so many reasons.

  • Knowing if humidity level is too high can lead to mold and other moisture build up concerns
  • Having too high, or low, of a temperature can cause your plant(s) to not produce a good yield
  • When drying you'll need to keep the humidity levels low so the crop can dry out the correct way. If your humidity is too high, the crop could still be ruined from too much moisture and knowing soon after putting the buds in the grow tent and monitoring the humidity level will let you know quickly if you need a dehumidifier.


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I recommend putting some dielectric grease on the contacts.


Oh GREAT idea! This was an extra gauge that I only use once in a while but I'll have to check the toolbox and see if we have any.