How Do You Cure? Humidity Packets? How Long To "Burp"?

4 months ago

We all want to have the best grow possible as well as making sure even the smallest mess up doesn't ruin what took us the last two to three months to produce, right? So when you're in the final stage of the grow process (curing), can you still damage what you worked so hard on? YES! You can! By not properly curing the cannabis the correct length of time, allowing the correct amount of humidity into the jar or even allowing the precise amount of oxygen back in.

humidity packets.png

I have used these humidity packets for years (I started using them for my husband's tobacco/cigarettes- we rolled them ourselves) and had seen a recommendation for them when I started growing cannabis.

Since I know how these humidity packets work, my biggest concern is the discrepancy about the length of time to burp the buds in the curing jars. I have seen times of as little as a minute to fifteen minutes and even up to an hour.

Plus a minimum of one week with some websites, forums and people recommending up to two months of cure time in the jar(s). All this was so confusing when I first started growing cannabis!

So instead of messing up this final stage of the grow process, I decided to research. Granted every person, website and grower has his or her own times, so finding your time can be tedious. After all, all I want is the best cannabis for my patients.

Conflicting Times

  • Royal Queen Seeds- Couple of minutes (very vague) each time opening the jar(s)
  • Leafly- Few minutes (very vague) each time opening the jar(s)
  • Maximum Yield- 30 minutes each time opening the jar(s)
  • WikiLeaf- 5-10 minutes each time opening the jar(s)
  • Pot Guide- does not state specific time

My Personal Preference & Way

  • First three days I shake the jars to loosen up the buds then open it for about ten minutes. I do this twice a day
  • Then for the next four days I shake and open it once per day for about ten minutes
  • Starting week 2 (day 8) of cure time and from that day on I will shake and open each jar every two to three days; leaving it open for five minutes

After the week, I start testing the bud for buoyancy (the only word I could come up right now). I want to see how squishy it is. I like to see if I can feel a little give to the bud. Usually I let me cannabis cure for a good two to three weeks for the highest potency I can get. Although I have noticed if it cures for more than that it seems to become more fragrant and more flavorful.



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For me I burp slowly for a few minutes a day and do the long cure method because I fknd it to be more flavorful and been told it also makes for more potent buds. IDK if that js true or not but I have been happy with the results of cure for a minimum or 2 to 3 months.

For me, it depends on the humidity of the air. The air is much more dry in my house in the winter, so, burping times are shorter.

  1. You could put a hygrometer in the glasses to check the humidity, which should not exceed 64%.

  2. My lazy variant is to use a closed card box and 60% room humidity, after 1-2 weeks of drying with 55% humidity.

I think this is very important information for a lot of people because sometime when I get buds from friends of mine it is not fully cured right and I might know that I need to do more steps to it but if someone else does not it can get mold and other issues and they might smoke it still and that is bad news. :/ It is good that you share this! You should do this from time to time to remind people of the right method. It is just like anything else that has a method, sometime it must be said again to refresh the memory!


We also have to store and conserve for longer periods of time because we do not get access to any buds of quality that often so I try to tell my friends how important it is to keep it right and some don't listen. They should maybe do some research or look more on line instead of at their twitter and facebook maybe.

Great information thank you for sharing!