He Asked... I Looked... Remember Back In The Day What We Called "Sh*t Weed"?

7 months ago

Normally I am a quiet person. I sit back and watch. I don't judge. I don't pick people or things apart. But all that changed the other evening.

Mr Golden D brought home a little baggie with some cannabis a co-worker had grown. The co-worker wanted our opinion about this strain. Who am I to turn away a free sample?

It's Gold Leaf and I had never heard of it. So while he was still at work, I started researching it. I actually found it to be a good strain that I would like to perhaps try one day.

Canna SOS website says this:

It contains pungently spicy and sweet notes against an earthy and herbed background

So I was quite anxious for him to get home and hand over the baggie for me to smell, touch and have my way with.

I waited over four hours... and boy was I disappointed.

I opened the baggie...and nothing. Barely any odor. There was no pungent smell. There was no spicy and sweet aroma. I proceeded to stick my nose into the baggie... just a hint of it possibly being cannabis.

When I even open the door to our grow room, unzip the grow tent or open a baggie of freshly bagged up cannabis, the powerful aroma hits you right in the face. It's a heavenly moment in time!

I laid the buds on a paper plate and we started sifting through it. You know when you touch a perfectly grown, dried and cured bud how you still have the sticky feel from the trichromes? These buds were absent of that wonderfully tacky residue.

But how could this be?

I smelled the stem (yes the guy had a large stem with the buds) and... nothing.

Then all of a sudden I spotted something!

A seed!

Hubby continues to look for more seeds.

We continued breaking apart the buds and found a total of six seeds.

Mr Golden D asked me if I wanted to roll a joint to try it. I said no. I keep smelling the stem and the buds; and something kept nagging at me. Where did I know that smell from?

I took some close up images on my phone and magnified them. I saw only a few trichromes barely glistening. I know when I grow my weed, trichromes are running rampant and glittering like they are on the Vegas strip.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed on one of the buds what looked to be possible mold. THAT'S THE SMELL I WAS SEEKING!

So all I can assume is this:
NOTE: He grew this crop outdoors and has about 10 ounces to get rid of and was hoping we could help him.

  • He let the crop flower for too long (and we did have a week of rain last month which could have saturated the buds & this rainfall could have rinsed away some of the trichromes)
  • He left the crop to dry out but because of all the rainfall, the buds felt wet when in reality mold ma have started to develop leaving him to believe it needed to dry longer
  • He didn't cure it long enough or correctly
  • The buds just don't have that cushy and squeezable feel with the crispiness I am used to. Plus the absence of the trichrome sticky feel is not visible

Hubby is going to break the news to him today.

I told hubby I don't even want this to make edibles with. I fear the moldy smell will ruin my treats.
I feel bad about having to break the bad news to the guy, considering how much he has on hand. Hubby said this cannabis reminds him of when we were in high school and all you had to smoke was what he called sht or dirt weed.*

Quantity doesn't trump quality.

On the positive side of this... I have six seeds of a new strain I can try to germinate and see what happens.


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That's what we smoke here with our War on Drugs President. If it's nugs... it's premium. 😂

If not nugs... shake and mostly male stuff at that.

Unknown strain, AKA "Whatever The Dealer Had™", female nug goes around $24-28/gram.

Bonus: you're not likely to build any tolerance levels. LOL


We are pretty lucky where I live; as medical and recreational marijuana is legal according to state law- just not federal... yet.

Yes it is a bonus!


I’ll just continue to be a criminal in your former colony. Just need to find a little town in the province with a not gung-ho sheriff so can grow my own 1-2 plants. LOL

It wasn’t always like that. I remember smoking on the balcony as if it were the most normal thing to do in a type of residence like this, under previous admin. I would even have considered an outdoor balcony plant there. But availability was easy and cheap so why the extended risk.


Lmao.. I call that suspect weed.. as in I suspect it sucks


Ah... Suspect Weed. That’s a premium landrace here. When you ask “what Kush”, kush is when you want flower rather than trim/leaves, and the dealer replies I “Suspect [it’s] Weed”... that’s the good stuff.

Dried leaves have a street value of around $2,400/kilo ($56/ounce). I kid you not. :D

SADLY I DONT THINK MY FIRST GROW WOULD COME OUT ANY BETTER! LOLOLOL. Poor lad. I can'y grow any more out here. They changed the law to where you have to live over 25 miles from a dispensary to grow.. Kinda sucks. But maybe one day.