Did Cannabis REALLY Help With Pain? Abscessed Tooth

2 months ago

Over the weekend Mr Golden D was suffering. SUFFERING quite a bit!

e woke up Friday morning in such pain; he claims the worst he's ever experienced and the left side of his face was swollen. He had a terrible toothache! So I got to work with some home remedies I've used, or had used on me.


I tried soaking a cotton ball in my homemade vanilla extract (I used 80-proof Buttered Rum alcohol for this). Temporary relief; just enough so he could fall back to sleep. But it was very short-lived.

Next up... store bought pain relievers and topical gels. You know, Orajel... and similar. Yet again, minor relief with temporary numbing.

We know that an emergency visit to the dentist was inevitable, but in the mean time, I was determined to help him find some relief before we could get into the dentist later that evening. Luckily I was able to find a dentist who would take him in; as our regular dentist was closed until MONDAY!

So I continued my search for relief for him.

But wait! How did I not do this first?


I broke out into the cannabis items for him.
While he was self-medicating with my cannabis tincture, I fixed him up a blunt. After he had three eye-droppers full of my 151-proof tincture, he hit the blunt a couple of times.

The lasting effect of the cannabis was not temporary. The throbbing of his toothache subsided for a couple of hours. Long enough for him to fall asleep and get abut two straight hours.

He used the blunt until it was gone that day; and when we arrived at the dentist's office he only needed two shots of Novocaine for the removal of his abscessed tooth. On a side note, he did ask the dentist for some nitrous oxide; because he is such a pain wimp. He did say the toothache pain was the worst pain he's ever had in his life.

Next time (which I hope never happens), I will bypass the vanilla, the over-the-counter meds and just go straight for the cannabis.


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Yes, cannabis is recognized as a pain killer. Especially when it comes to chronic pain it seems very effective and we've seen several studies last year in which high numbers of participants had ditched, or lowered, their prescription pain killers once they started using medical marijuana.


still not recognized at all for pain relief in the uk :(


Yeah, stupid NICE rules.

Western medicine will have to adapt to fully accept the cannabis plant. Adapt to a more Eastern approach to medicine, in which not +50% of positive results but actual increase in life quality is considered. Same in most EU countries with legal medical marijuana btw, mostly limited to Sativex and Epidiolex.

Even in Lennox Gauss epilepsy cases among kids NHS doctors are still hesitant because they aren't convinced about the "actual treatment results". Because reducing the number of seizures with one third, from 300 daily, isn't an improvement in the life of those kids, right? Just because not 80% or more???

That said there seems "consensus" that cannabis isn't an effective pain killer for everyone. But I would like to interject that too many strains are a topic there and science will surely be able to isolate the components and cultivate different strains which cover more cases.

Luck he had you,with your cannabis pain relief ...

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