Chicken Soup For The Soil? I'm Thinking It May Help

3 months ago

I can remember when my son was a teenager, he had received a USDA Grant and loan from the state to raise chickens. The state granted him $2,000 USD to start up this business as part of their "Young Entrepreneurs Program.

He took the money bought a 10x10 shed, some more lumber (to build a chicken condo unit), some brooders, a 200-egg capacity incubator and other miscellaneous chicken raising items' plus a few dozen chicks (mail order) and ten pullets to get started.

I also recall when we moved the "chicken condo unit"; which had ten separate pens that housed about 50 chickens, to the other side of the property (we had five acres of land then) and that the soil beneath where the chickens had been was so rich. I decided it was perfect for a garden.

And to be honest, that garden area was the best producing that I've ever had.

So when I got wind of this nutrient and soil amendment called "Chicken Soup For The Soil", my mind shifted to possibly adding it to my cannabis plants. After all, it is safe for all garden (and cannabis) plants.

And as a regular herb, flower and vegetable gardener, I know that the best plants start with the soil (which is why I put eggshells and used coffee grounds in my outdoor regular gardens). So why not try this additive for my indoor cannabis plants.

NOTE: I am not sure if this actually contains chicken manure in any form, but just thinking about how chicken manure DID help my earlier regular garden grows made me hope this could help with my cannabis grows and yields.

So what is this concoction?

This new liquid fertilizer is made of microscopic nutrient clusters that will bind to organic matter and not wash out of the soil
"Gardeners and commercial growers in the U.S. have burned the nutrients out of the soil with heavy doses of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. The lack of nutrients stresses the plants and diminishes flavor, color, size and shelf life. Stressed plants are also more prone to insect attacks and disease," said Jim Zamzow, founder of Dr. JimZ

This soil amendment sells online (I'll be checking at the Hydro store too) in the gallon size only. But you use one tablespoon per gallon of water, (apply weekly throughout the growing process and it makes 128 gallons total) will make this nutrient last for quite some time. And for only $30 (with free shipping), I am thinking it may be worth the expense to try. After all, I can use it for not only my cannabis plants, but also my regular garden plants for the ultimate end results at harvest time.

Medical Cannabis Grower Testimonial

Dr Jim Z website

"I would like to thank you for making a superior soil amendment. To get big plants with large, dense, sticky flower you need good roots, to get good roots you need good soil. I am a boutique all organic Medical Cannabis Grower. This product is a perfect all in one soil builder. Like I said I am not a biologist or chemist just a grower and this really works. I feed it to my soil before I plant and then once a week during vegetative cycle along with my other nutrients, no burn, bad smell, just happy healthy girls. It works. Don't take my word for it let the pictures show you it does. Just look at the Trichome production." -Charlie C

Just wait until you see the images Charlie C shares associated with this testimonial.



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Oh this is a great nutrient(!) the way it sounded when I read your description. I know chicken manure from my province in th Philippnes. The housewives there are poor and they use the chicken poo to fertilize the herb soil and it always worked made the plants grow bigger and healthy... So, if it is ok for other plants, it should be ok for the cnnabis plants. I surely would try this product if it is available in Europe.

I use turkey manure in mine. I am hoping to get a variance for chickens we are just inside city limits. So we have to get permission from the city and both adjoining neighbors one we know will give it and I am sure the other neighbor will too especially if I offer them fresh eggs occasionally. But I hope to be able to start making my own nutrients soon and not have to buy it.