And This Is Why I Use Bottled Spring Water For My Girls

last year

Last month I had done a free water sample to test for things in our water. Now keep in mind it was free... so I was only given two readings.

Well today I got the results for the hard water and the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)... And they were NOT impressive.

Since we moved here in February 2017, we have not drank water straight from the tap; we usually buy bottled water and use a pitcher filtration system.

Things We Do Use Water For From The Tap:

  • Giving the dog water
  • Watering the garden
  • Making ice cubes
  • Making coffee
  • Cooking

When I first started growing cannabis in 2017, I had pH tested our water here and knew it was too high for the plants; but what I learned about how we really shouldn't be drinking this moderately hard water scared me.

When I lived more rural and had a well, I don't think our well water was even this BAD. I could be wrong, but we did drink the well water then because it was always so much better tasting than drinking water from a plastic bottle.

And let's not get started on the TDS issues with the water results.

The Berkey explains what TDS is:

Total Dissolved Solids, also known as TDS, are inorganic compounds that are found in water such as salts, heavy metals and some traces of organic compounds that are dissolved in water.

Excluding the organic matters that are sometimes naturally present in water and the environment, some of these compounds or substances can be essential in life. But, it can be harmful when taken more than the desired amount needed by the bod

Hard Water numbers and what they mean

Image Source- Best Seed Bank website

Total Dissolved Solids - TDS in your water info

Our Water Test Results

  • Hard Water- 3-grains per gallon - soft water is 0-1 grains per gallon- we have moderately hard water
  • TDS- 117-parts per million - 50 parts per million is considered safe for drinking (Ummm, we're double that!)

So now I will be looking into ways to treat the water, contact the local township water board and invest in even more bottled water.






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I would pay and have it professionally tested, so you can find out the ppm of the different minerals. With a TDS of 117 it MIGHT be totally safe for drinking, depending on what the dissolved solids are.

That TDS scale shows 50 is "ideal", or what you should get if you buy a fancy filter, but the safe levels are a lot higher than your 117.


Yeah I just spoke with hubby on his lunch break and told him.
So next on my agenda (when I find a moment) is to call around for a water testing company, etc.

The water where I came from has always been dirty and had an awful taste. But it was drinkable to some degree.

Just so you know bottled water has been tested and most of it is no different from what you're getting out of your tap. Unless the water is coming from a local spring it might not be any better. Does your state allow rain barrels? If so maybe start collecting rain water for your girls.


Yeah thought of that too; and yes our state does allow those. I have two also


Have to still tap these and make the overflows and entry holes. But I got some barrels myself to do that with.