A HUGE THANK YOU to @tecnosgirl!!!

last month

Three weeks ago I found I had won a fabulous prize from @tecnosgirl's Christmas Eve contest and today is the first day I have sat down in front of my laptop since my surgery two weeks ago.

I feel horrible for not making a post sooner, but I ended up having two surgeries instead of one and have been unable to type; or even focus.

So I deeply apologize to @tecnosgirl for the delay of this thank you!

This book is full of some fabulous activities!

I especially liked the Where's Waldo like search and find images page! Endless hours of fun! Having this book on hand during my surgery recovery was great! It gave me some mindless fun and helped pass the time.


Image Banner by @mrspacely






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Don't feel bad at all! Your health comes before anything else and you shouldn't feel any negative way or that you have to be sorry to anyone for looking after yourself! I hope they went well and you're recovering well. Surgery is never fun but sometimes very necessary. I'll be praying for your speedy and successful recovery! Glad to see you posting again. :)

I am glad it helped you pass the time during your recovery. I have a few more of these books too that I plan on giving away soon so those that don't have one yet and want one watch my giveaways for your chance to win one.


AWESOME!!! I really enjoyed it!
Me and hubby had a great time with the search and find page!

Those books are dope! I received one sometime ago! I love the stickers!

Glad you had some "mindless fun"....(and your o.k) : )

Wishing a speedy recovery of your hand!