Freshly Collected Temple Balls.

last year

If you don't know what temple ball really is:

Temples Balls, known also as temple ball hashish, have been created in regions of Nepal for years. 1000’s of years. This hashish is a whole plant concentrate, which when aged, produces a potent high along with a mixture of aromas.

Moreover, the Ideal temple balls are handmade or hand rubbed. Mature plants and buds are rubbed with hands to extract the THCs and you collect that sticky black thing(THC) from your hand and make temple ball.

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Never seen nor heard of it before, think I will have to go look it up online, get to know more about it
Thanks for sharing this amazing piece

  ·  last year

Never heard of them before, but then I have never tried hashish either.


Here I have found some links for you if you have some time to read :)

  1. The Lost Art of Temple Balls
  2. Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Temple Balls

Really? You're missing out, quite spicey.

That straight up looks like you were digging in a cat litter box.

I'm not the biggest fan of the hand hash, it's usually like 20%+ skin cells.


Lol, my thoughts exactly...
Gloves would probably help up with taking out all the rest of it that got lost on your fingers....
And yeah no litter box looks, just a shiny ball of a pure fingerhash.

Love a good Charas though...


I don't think you can collect any good amount of extract from fresh plants wearing gloves in your hands.
Like it or not the real Charas is from Live(premature) plants and extracted with your bare hands. That's why it's Charash otherwise it's just another hash.


The Origin and therefore the definition of "Charas" is a bit vague and has different meanings (actually different preparation techniques) in various cultures.

It actually can include any type of final product made from cannabis resin, be it from a live plant or a dried up one.

But if we stick with the more modern and widely accepted definition of referring to "Charas" as the resin collected by hand-rubbing the flowers of living or freshly harvested plants in the region of Himalaya then there still a matter of purity in this process, and its usually divided into stages of purity - "First Cream" , "Second Cream"..etc... when the first cream consider a charas that was "stroked" once to collect the resin,meaning that only thrichomes stick without any leaf matter, while the second etc, are more strokes, therefore more plant matter - lower quality of final product.

In any case and whatever the definition of the level of quality required, I can assure you my friend that the process can be made with a nice pair of latex gloves.

I am not trying to be a smart ass or anything....I know that its been done without them for thousands of years...and perhaps thats how it should stay...but if you like myself and prefer to have a bit cleaner product, then no reason why not to improve on the process, both with the quality of the product and the whole process as an whole.

But this is of course is just my opinion, my friend...and as i said, I always loved a good Chillum with a quality Charas inside...and in 9 out 10 cases it is made with bare hands, but if its good enough, the skin content usually doesnt matter that much, it all goes down the pipe :)

Boom Bolenat Sub Kesat Shiva Mahadev


Can't deny the fact of skin cells but I believe the percentage of THC is way higher.


not the worst if it were your own skin cells, but yeah some kind of mechanical alternative would be preferable for sanitation


Nothing like piping a nice little piece of your thumb ;)

This must be breathtaking, higher thc i believe.