The Smoke Team is Doing a Great Job at Adjusting The UI - My Suggestions On The New Changes

7 months ago


There has been a few updates to the UI that I'm sure you have noticed by now. I wanted to start off by saying how great of a job the smoke team in pushing updates to the website. And what is most amazing is that they listen to the community. For example, one of the changes they made, was a suggestion I made in one of my post about the message we see when we make a post. I don't know if they had read my post, but it certainly gives me the feeling that they are listening to us. Which is why I decided to make a post to give my opinion on "important" aspects of the changes they made.

Improving curation

The most noticable change to me is that they have removed the upvote button from the mini post frame, so that people will need to click on the blog and read it through to upvote. I like this change, alot and I saw this being proposed on Steemit like half half a year ago.

Though one change I don't like is the removal of the scroll bar. I understand the team did this to make users actually needing to scroll down instead of dragging the scroll bar down at once. But I think it hurts user experience alot. For several reasons.

  1. For long posts this is annoying. There are some people who photobomb their post (most of the times with good intentions) or some people write a whole book chapter. For people who are writing long posts themselves not having a scroll bar is also very annoying, when they want to get down to the post.

  2. A post with many comments. Scrolling down on a post with hundreds of comments is easier with a scroll bar.

  3. Finding old posts. As an example for this post I wanted to find my old post where I made my suggestion, and I stopped my search quickly when I realised I have to scroll down my whole blog (I post quite frequently).


The categoies on the home page is awesome! I like that new users can navigate on topics like this. One interesting choice that the team made was to create a drop menu for us to choose 1 main tag, instead of us putting in our own tags. I have to get used to this, but I think it's better this way. Less confusing for people.

One thing they should change is making the whole image of the categories clickable. Now if you click on the text of the category it only takes you to a new page. This confused me at the start.

Other changes

There are a few other changes such as the search option which I like, but I don't have any comments on them.

What do you think of the changes and what would you like to see be added or removed?

Good recommendations also get a blog upvote

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I would like:
A notification bar
Night mode
Fix the photo upload and allow video uploads
I would also like payout to not be shown until that post is getting paid out. This would greatly reduce people only upvoting popular stuff and mix up the trending page


night mode... please.


Stop being a day walker.


Yes please Please please Please please


The photo upload is quite a big issue agree, I think the smoke team know this already. I hope they will fix it soon.

I would also like payout to not be shown until that post is getting paid out. This would greatly reduce people only upvoting popular stuff and mix up the trending page

I don't agree. The idea of seeing a vote value is that we can "determine" the quality. Maybe invisible rewards but still getting to trending could do it.

Posts with higher rewards gives lower curation rewards, that should be the incentive to vote on lower posts. (I generally avoid voting on high paid votes), but most people might not understand this and thats why they vote on the popular posts. Maybe when voting this should be displayed somewhere or given notice to.

I really like the changes, I think they add to the experience. I was having a lot of trouble loading pictures on smoke since I joined, but the last couple of post the pictures have loaded fine. I don't know if it's been fixed, but it's definitely working better, bong on bro. :-)

Wondering if it will be possible to add a saved post feature. Sometimes you find quality posts you'd love to read but probably not at the time.
If the team can put a feature that enables you to save this posts and read later,instead of having to look for the post later.


That would be a nice feature! :)

Good one.

Looks like the developers are working day and night! So many wonderful updates within couple of months. Considering the fact that we are still in the early stages , we are going in right path.

There are couple of things in my mind that I have seen others asking , being able to see which post from the past I have upvoted on(though not necessary as we should ideally know what we have upvoted) , being able to switch themes to dark mode.

Btw night mode and dark mode are two different things, night mode can be enabled in windows/Mac book to reduce blue lights emitted from monitor screens.
But dark mode is what people are asking for with black theme and white text. Just wanted to clarify as people often call dark mode as night mode.

I’m personally happy with all the updates so far. And look forward to more of such amazing work from smoke team.


being able to see which post from the past I have upvoted

You can already see this on site and off site. You can check your curation rewards, which shows on which posts (And comments you have voted). And off site on Checking on smoked is a little bit more challenging though!


Yeah , that’s true ☝️ I’m very much impressed with all the updates so far! :-)

i always support to change need add cover photo option for good look.

notification option need.

I would also love to see Resmoked content segregated from Author content on a profile, as it makes it easier for me to find articles written by the author.


Yeah this would be nice! This is one of the few things that steemit UI has that smoke has not atm.


Yeah, the 'hide resteems' option

night mode option very need

we need Pinned Post option