Me scrolling through @Stoner's Last Post

2 years ago

Bring back the scroll bar please!

I just read the best post on smoke so far by @stoner, and one of the best posts I have seen on the blockchain. But man talking about designs and user experience. Bring back the scroll bar! My mouse scroll is one of those ridged ones not fun yo.


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Hahaha... I can imagine you doing what the man in the gif is doing. Better keep puffing for a high first before you wreck your phone, lmao !

LOL that gif made me smile hard. Use Firefox for scrollbar. 😁

Firefox - the best browser there is!


Whats firefox. It sounds ancient :P

If you click the scroll button then drag the mouse up/down it should be the same as the scroll bar, but I see a scroll bar, do you not? Use firefox


OH right I forgot about that feature lol. Thanks @indica you saved me a lot of frustration.

Use Spacebar, Shift + Spacebar, Page Up and Page Down for fast scrolling @FutureThinker! ;-), fuck that mouse wheel man!

Stop trolling old dude playing Fruit Ninja.

Haha Easy , Better get a new phone after you throw it. Lmao

i agree with you..

funny gif really..

Well he looks just a little frustrated, Lol Looks like one of those seniors and technology moments, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)