Music and Smoky Thoughts

7 months ago


Hey guys it's been a week that I have shared music for you guys to put on while smoking one. Today I found a chill out song and almost ambient. It's fits my current state, which is that I am very sleeepy..

Drifting away

We all have those times when we fall asleep or almost fall asleep during the day. Have you ever had a moment when you totally blackout while you were surrounded by people? I remember I was in class just before a test I closed my eyes for a few seconds. When the teacher saw my eyes in my arms he walked to me and slamed his hand on my table. I didn't really pass out, but he thought I was.

Did you ever fall asleep in public? What happened?

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There was this one time a couple years ago when I was pregnant, I kind of drifted away on a train ride.

It made my man giggle, because I wasn't really leaning back to the seat, rather resembled one of those sleepy kitten or puppy videos where they try their best staying awake but just fall asleep sitting.

The only time I can remember was when I was coming home from work on the train and went to sleep and woke up about 5 stops past were I was supposed to get off. So I got home a little late that day, Lol, nice mellow tune mate. I haven't seen you around for a while! bong on bro. :-)


Yeah, I have been busy! I will probably post less the upcoming month.

I am glad to see you commenting as always :)

I had this funny experience, try not to laugh.
On my way back from school some years ago, i hurried home to get to my play station console, so i crossed the road without carefully looking. And i was "almost hit by a car, immediately the car came towards me, i passed out, even without the car touching me, woke up in the arms of people around to realize i wasn't even touched by the car. Don't know what happened.

Many times in trains on my way home, but that was on purpose though :)


Haha train naps are nice for sure