Is Laziness Overrated?

6 months ago

The lazy man/woman might die due to hunger, but the workaholic might also die due to stress. Why then do majority of us keep insulting and defaming lazy people. Well, what do you gain by being hardworking? Well, you get the big houses, and big houses, but you don't even have time to sleep in your bed. You buy a large bed and sleep for a few hours and and then turn around to insult lazy people.

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A cat averagely sleeps 16 hours a day. Don't they still eat? Are they not often clean? Donkeys work like well...donkeys. What do they gain from all the work. They get to work more, and be subjected to more stress. Laziness is a trait that everyone portrays at a point in their lives. Why all the negative vibe about laziness. If hard work made people rich, laborers would all be rich.

Stop being hard on lazy people. Well, they aren't really lazy. They are just on energy saving mode. You spend all your youthful years doing hard work, and end up sick in old age. All the work they did couldn't keep them strong at the end. Even if they have money and can afford better doctors, they probably suffer more than the lazy old man. You can be lazy with tactfulness and live a comfortable life.

What's the essence of working hard? What does hard work give that's so extraordinary? Why stress yourself now and end up weak in your old age. Why not conserve your energy, and live just a normal life. After all, workaholics and "lazaholics" both die. You might be remembered for doing something, living a legacy, making a name for yourself, but then, who cares? You are already dead! Allow lazy people some freedom, life is simple, and we ought not complicate it.


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