GoodReads Reading Challenge - 2019

5 months ago

Hello people, I saw a challenge on a post and I decided to join. We are just seven days into 2019 and I haven't read any book. Goodreads have come up with this challenge to encourage reading, and I have joined in.


If you want to to take part, just join the challenge on the Goodreads website Reading has been said to reduce stress a lot, even more than music. This challenge seeks to encourage more people to read all around the globe. You can also invite others to take part in this challenge.

I chose 30 books because I want to be able to complete it. Knowing something is achievable gives you an extra drive to achieve it. When I'm done with the 30 and there's still time, I will definitely add some more books. I encourage everyone to give it a try. I hope we all decide to read more in 2019.

#reading #education #learning #selfhelp

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Hi Friend, I am commenting on your post because I noticed one thing that I need to inform you about.

Your content is not related to CANNABIS in any way.

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We as a community strive to keep this platform associated to Cannabis and all regarding this culture. This is what you can read in the whitepaper. Also, this will be more beneficial to the value of the platform and price of SMOKE, which is the whole point of all this journey.

I would advise you to stop posting irrelevant material and start posting material that is related to this subject. There are plenty of topics to cover. Some of them would be: photograph of wake n bake, smoke spots, grow blog, strain reviews, poems about cannabis, digital art, video promotion, history, medicine, researches, paraphernalia, contests…
If you do not smoke or do not have anything related to this, be a part of the community by commenting other posts and curating. This way you will earn much more than spam posting.

This was just heads up and a friendly advice as sometimes posts like these might get flagged, especially if you continue to post after warnings. This is in no way censorship, you may continue to post whatever you like. All the best in your adventure here!

More information about why I do this can be found here

Smoke ON, Stress OFF!