Does "Don" Trump Time Travel?

last year

Ingersoll Lockwood has become very popular in recent times with 2 of his books in the media for the similarities with the current 1st family of the United States. This two books are, " Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey" and "The Last President".

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It is purported that John Trump, who is president Donald Trump's uncle was a friend of Nikola Tesla. Before the death of Nikola Tesla in 1943, he claimed to have built a time travel machine. The US government seized his inventions and after giving up on figuring out how it works, they hired John G Trump to give it a try. As to whether he figured it out and used it, I don't know.

Some coincidentally fun facts that you might not have known. Donald Trumps mum is called Mary, and his dad's middle name is Christ (you can research if you doubt). What does that make Donald? You have to answer that yourself. Donald was born on a total Lunar Eclipse. Does that make him special?

The books mentions a Fifth Avenue hotel where Donald Trump lives in the Trump Tower on the corner of Fifth Avenue in New York. The book talks about a rich man who becomes president when nobody expected. Is that just a coincidence? The main character is Baron and that's the name of Donald and Melanie's only child. Could all be coincidences but I just thought you should hear this. You can check out both books and other books by Ingersoll Lockwood to learn more.

Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey
The Last President

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That is all very weird. Cool. Where does the Cannabis Fit in ? Did he smoke too much Kush and hit the wrong button and gets stuck in our present day... here to ruin everything ?


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 probably

What the hell did I just read?


Exactly what you did


Thank you Captain Obvious!