Advice for 2019

5 months ago

Whether Christian or not, I'm sure you will find somethings which will be good for you. Don't dismiss the post just yet. This was shared by a pastor in my church on the night of 31st December,2018 and I would like to share with you all. It's about things you should do for the year 2019. We are already in the 4th day, but better late than never.

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JUST. Do what is morally right. Try to treat people fairly. Be impartial in your judgement. The just shall live by faith, and if you are righteous, you won't face the judgement of God, but have eternal life.

FAITH. 2019 might not go the way you've planned, but do not loose faith. No matter what happens in your life, never forsake God because He will never forsake you. If He's silent, doesn't mean He isn't there.

MUST. What's your plan for this year? You must know what to do and you must do what you have to do. Stop saying it's too early in the year, and you have more time. You must start now and do what you must.

APPROVED. Live a life that will get the approval of God. In whatever you want to do, know that God is watching. Don't do things you know God will disapprove. Be approved by man and God.

MOST. In 2019, use your time productively most of the time. Naturally, you might have off days, or times you feel lazy, but try to be productive most of the time. Live a productive life.

JESUS. As a Christian, Jesus should be your cornerstone for the year 2019. Whatever comes your way, go to Him. Once you have Him on your side, you know the storms may come, but you will sail through.

JOURNEY. Be focused on the journey of life, and your Christian journey. Don't let obstacles and blockades to make you halt in the middle. Be mindful of your destination and don't stop. You might, pause to rest, but always continue.

AGAINST. Do make prayer an important aspect of your life. Raise warfare against an attack on you or your family. Do not leave things to chance and fate. Leave a prayerful life in the year 2019.

SELF. If you don't conquer anything in 2019, at least conquer yourself. It is said that great people are those who've learnt to conquer themselves. Don't let your mind go unguarded. Control your thoughts and control you.

OFFENSE. Try not to be offensive in the year 2019. Avoid situations and things that might offend people, especially unconsciously, unless nothing else can be done. Don't be the reason why someone feels offended.

NOBODY. Nobody should be your enemy if you can avoid it. Avoid picking enmity with anyone. Spirits, situations and life can make people do things they might not want to do. Don't make them your enemies because of that.

DARE. In 2019, dare for greater things. Dream big and push yourself higher. Don't settle for less. Pursue your dreams and plan to make it real. Don't be comfortable in your corner because life is for those who dare to dream.

And that is all folks. This is what was shared in church on 31st watch-night service and I want to share with you all. Hope you enjoyed it.

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