My win arrived from @tecnosgirl

last year

Today my postman had a package from America for me. Immediately I knew, that can only be my profit from the competition of @tecnosgirl.

The package was of course opened immediately. Inside was the won Topuff as well as a nice little letter from @tecnosgirl

A photo is attached.

The TopPuff is really good. From each bottle can be made in no time a bong. Construction, use and cleaning is very easy. A tool that everyone should own.

Many thanks again to @tecnosgirl for the realization of the competitions.

Sorry if my english is not perfect. It's not my native language but i do my best.


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Congrats! Good thing.
I'm still waiting for the delivery of my package...


sadly once it leaves the United States there is no way to track the items. It sucks cause it can take 4-8 weeks in some cases for items to arrive. Depends on the country it is going to postal services. I hate how long it can take and other stuff I send out arrives quickly. It is frustrating that postal services around the globe isn't as good as what we have here in the US. Many things sucks about the US but that is the one thing we have going on, a good postal service.

Awesome, congrats on the win and thanks @tecnosgirl for the giveaway.

It's always great to see a post of thank you when her gifts arive.

Your English is find @flyerchen I am glad it arrived safely and that you like it. Enjoy....Hope it gives you a high time.