UK Hip Hop Underground is still for real

last year

Easyriders' Smokin' Beatz #5

It's gotta be a quick one. Was heck of a long past couple of days, so short and sweet this will be.

Thanks all for being awesome here on One thing that I believe goes hand in hand with good weed, is evergreen beats and rhymes from the underground. It's long been a passion of mine, the HipHop from the UK which isn't what you might expect. Instead of the brash, crazy, showing off and swearing you may associate with the style. Typical UK style, takes an intellectual slant. This is achieved through clear spoken and poetic/lyrical talent, along with the background style of musical sound, constructed from cleverly woven samples and sounds from unbelievable places.

Take a listen and a look at this, you'll see what I mean. It's chilled yet distinct, sharp and to the point but never in your face .... and very much of the non-commercial spirit.

More and more artists and musicians are blogging these days, I believe all power and freedom to them, they must do so! We wanna see their stuff for a start! And it's probably the best chance to start being discovered these days. Would be great to see some around here ;)

Note - I have no affiliation with the artists featured, I just like them. SMOKE ON!



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I remeber that Eminem got a ban from the UK to perform there because he once said on a concert to his fans to pop pills if they have.