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Life is Rough, and Right Now It's Particularly Stressful

My family and I have lived at 50% of the national poverty level for over a decade. We've recently discovered we are much more disabled than we believed. Illnesses and car breakdowns have not helped, though their timing seems just awesome. (thanks) We're working on rehabilitation and getting back on our feet, however it's definitely going to be a long road.

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We Also Have a Fundly Campaign to Help Replace Our Car

Please, if you're able, help out with what you can. Remember to pass the link on, you never know where it will end up. :)

Fundly Campaign for Car Funds
The area we live in has 4WD/AWD requirements in winter, if it's to be considered reliable for winter commuting to jobs.

Go BE Awesome!!

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I wish you and your family the best, just keep working and doing better you'll do great👍


Thank you. :) Keep working... that's basically what put us in this place originally. Continuing to work when we should have been filing for compensation and getting help fixing issues. My wife's injuries are military related, and apparently she should have filed for additional compensation 10 years ago. We've simply struggled.

We just found help with retraining and employment in the area, a reliable vehicle is the key piece missing right now. There are programs for Veterans and their families we were not aware of until yesterday! Unfortunately they don't involve getting us a vehicle.

It's becoming evident I should have filed for disability when I was 18. Though I'm extremely intelligent, there are wiring and other issues with my brain. These issues cause significant employment problems. In just the last 16 years since meeting my wife, I've had over 40 jobs. I've cycled through slightly under 40 jobs, in the years before we met, making the total close to 80.

The last few months have been quite revealing, as we've gone down this rabbit hole. I look forward to being able to accomplish what I set out to do. lol

Thank you again