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The Creation of the SPUD ..... Smoke Pegged US dollar.

5 days ago

I'm all for moving forward and being positive. I've tried it, honestly, multiple times now. Only issue is, I continued to see my name mentioned in ill manners on posts from others, so I stopped trying. I'm all for it again tho. New money or retention of userbase is something I'm all for.

How about we stop kissing ass for votes as well tho, hm?? Don't act like shit is good that isn't. There's pretty socially accepted standards of what is at least decent and what is not... and you kiss indica's ass a lot on his shitty website. I'm also not one for ass kissing, so if we can stop that bullshit too, it'd be nice. It'd honestly be nice if people actually used flags to lessen rewards on way overvalued posts as well... but hey, ideal world... I digress.

I am willing to play nice if others are. That means you'll need to be honest with people more tho and you'll need to also stop people from putting my dick in their mouths in their posts. Honestly tired of people acting like I should behave anything other than in a hostilely defensive manner. I'm the one on the defensive 90% of the time. Rarely do I go on the offensive and when I do, it's with legitimate reason, such as people supporting bullshit just because of fear of losing support, or people voting on clearly shitposted alt account bullshit to cash out. It's sad that so many support so many people that are cashing out. Most are indica alts, but still, we could combat the drain from alt accounting with flags. People just give flags a negative connotation when part of what they are for is disagreement of rewards. I don't disagree that some posts deserve a lot of rewards, I just disagree with them getting quite as much as they do. The flag isn't saying it's a bad post, it's saying that some of that reward pool deserves to be distributed elsewhere imo. The sooner people stop taking things personally and getting absolutely butthurt about my REactions to their shitty behavior, the sooner they'll learn we can all get along. We don't have to agree, but we don't need to act like children either, something we have ALL done at one point or another. Albeit me having to have had quite a lot to drink to stoop... I still have. :-)

I'm all for valuing this place passively, as well as actively. I've tried to actually bring new people who have money to this place, but signups have been long shut down now. I have all the accounts I could ever need, I simply make more to secure names for later donation to deserving parties. There's only about 20 more I had in mind anyhow. The point is, the vast majority of my accounts are unactivated or activated and sitting in silence. Having more accounts wouldn't allow me to do much more than I already can. Stake is what matters at this point. I have plenty of shell accounts posting on my main cluster that earn plenty of % of the total rewards given out daily. I don't need more. I don't want more either, if there's going to be no value added here, if the devs are going to do nothing at all, if people are just going to continue to shove my fat dick in their mouth whenever they don't agree with a flag or an opinion, no matter how rude it may be. I choose to react the same as others do. Why should I act any different? Stake and it's value would be why. With a dead crypto tho, why bother? It's centralized beyond all get out lol. The devs held a vast majority of the coin back in their accounts and use one to actively vote some alts to cash out with. It's pathetic, honestly. That being said... I'm still willing to try. Why not? I'm bored, I love cannabis, I love blockchain tech. It's a fun hobby. Just like fucking with low IQ people is a fun hobby for me. I can see where it's detrimental and I've always said that I was aware, people just keep posting about me and mentioning my name in ill manners and I'm going to have fun with them when they do. :-) If that can stop, it can all get better.

If we can get signups working again..... @stoner, I can actually bring new money, new people, and new value to the chain and to the community. People who are not jaded to you people like I am. People who won't act like assholes. People who can bring other people if they actually enjoy this experience.

Signups are the catalyst to all of this. No two ways about it. If they can be re-enabled right now, then we can bring more value right now.

I had no issue holding smoke around 0.1BTS/SMOKE when signups were working. At least that meant new money could potentially come in.

This is the worst time to not allow new people in somewhere, considering how many people are forced to stay inside and as a result, going online more than ever. It's an absolute failure on the dev team's part, as a whole, for letting this happen in a time like this.

Who gives a fuck if I made 20 more alt accounts among the hundreds I already have? Would you rather have that and $1,000/week coming into the markets and activity rising through legitimate users as well... or would you rather have $0/week coming into the markets and me activating my hundreds of alt accounts one at a time? I could literally do one a day and be at this shit for years.... I have no shortage of alt accounts and no real need for more. We DO have a real need for more outside money and legitimate users coming in. Sad to see things that could be so easily fixed by re-activating the already working method... not being done. THAT is why this place is dying.

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Steem (TRON) and Hive (flag wars) are both headed for Big Troubles. People are looking for a new place to go. Hopefully everyone comes back to Smoke.


We COULD be getting a lot of them, honestly. Except signups aren't working. They were working just fine to begin with. It's not like they gave anyone major stake to start out with or anything, so abusing it only has so many caveats. It isn't going to get any worse from "people like me" because "people like me" already have all the accounts we need. We got in early to get them. New people won't really have any reason to abuse them when they can earn just fine from posting and commenting. The signups just need to be reactivated as-is so that we can stop wasting our time here and stop wasting our time inviting people. I've already put that on hold as I targetted the ones I considered "least likely to join" and was even able to get a handful of them to sign up... alas... they were not accepted. Before I even consider trying to bring people into this ponzi of a chain, I'm going to need sign ups to be working again. I'm not going to take a shot at them knowing that they aren't working, as these are the most likely to join considering they continually express interest day after day and week after week. If these damn signups will get going, I know a good bit of people who'll gladly scoop up some of the smoke on the market. Just waiting to pull the trigger, but it seems no one wants new money coming in. LOL. Devs need to simply re-activate sign ups and presto! Value returns and value rises. Simple concept. Trying to "combat abuse" with specific sign up methods is just the fantasy of retards and will never come true. As I stated before, even if it were to require very personal information, I could just purchase the accounts from the people who create them. There is no way to stop "abuse" as the lower IQ people call it. LOL.

Re-activate sign ups @stoner, @baabeetaa, @honestlynotevensurewhatotheruselessfucksareonthe"devteam"it'sprobablyjuststonerpretendingtobebaabeetaaaswell.SMH