Who is Daddy Daycare 2.0? Smoke Network Exclusive

11 months ago

Busy is no excuse, it’s #fryday

I hope all of you have a safe and Stoney weekend ahead. Now that I am more acquainted with the #smokenetwork fam, I’d like to share a little something about myself that maybe you weren’t aware of...


Don’t get all sweaty, I’m not talking about sensitive subjects here. I make #music 🎼.

I speak the only ‘Universal Language’ known by the entire human race.


Daddy Daycare 2.0 on iTunes


This is me bonding with dragonflies circa 2006

Say What?!

As a music creator of 23 years, I’ve made more tunes than I can remember. Having grown up playing in traditional and classical settings, as a untrained (non-classical) musician, I’ve experienced some very unique life encounters. In other words, I have seen some shit.

Trying my hand at everything from classical, hard rock, heavy metal, hip hop, jam bands, and things I cannot even begin to classify, I have come to love a challenge.

I’m a metal head at heart, but appreciate music of many walks, deeply. I do not limit my taste to genres, rather I love to find music that bends or blends them together.



Not that it should mean anything to you. I’m just a dude who must pour out my musical well or it naturally overflows. I’m not famous, so hold your applause and put away your Sharpie. Writing this is a man who cringes at the idea of taking a selfie. I literally needed 6 photos of myself for a recent business opportunity and had to ask my wife to provide all 6.

It’s just not me to carry or own photos of myself 😆. Got 10k of my wife and kids, but slim pickings when it comes to photos of me. I going way out of my comfort zone here on Smoke.io.

@daddydaycare2x (right) at a Vegas after-party for the BITE show.

Who am I? Long story short:

Just a dude that has music & cannabis in my blood and can’t ever stop it, only slow it’s progression. Sometimes a gift, many times a curse. Music and rhythm comes from us all. Unfortunately, weed does not... 🤣

I simply create to my immediate ‘taste’ of my own ears. I have played guitar, bass, drums and percussion, keyboard and produced music since age 11. Never a prodigy, but I have been compelled to create music since an early age.

Music is a component of life that I seem to require to sustain any semblance of balance in my existence.

I enjoy generating music in all forms and do not limit myself. However, you might find DADDY DAYCARE 2.0 music to have it own ‘flavor’. This doesn’t represent my entire musical catalog by any stretch. This is a fairly new style for me that I have and will continue to develop with my children. I’ve had the privilege of surrounding myself with some real musicians, for most of my life. That is something I’ll never wish to brag about, but rather humbled to be so fortunate. I don’t consider myself to be in that ‘strata’ of creation, so let me be clear. I’m a student of music and a student of life - my learning ends with my physical existence.


Did you know I ❤️ Smoke.io?

some of you will catch the rhythm and rhyme

I don’t like talking about myself. I feel like it’s a waste of time (for us both) when I can be learning from those I surround myself with. That’s why I joined Smoke.io and started creating with all of you - it’s what I enjoy. What I don’t enjoy is promoting music. A necessary evil, I suppose. If I don’t promote my music who will?

#fryday #nugporn intermission



33 tracks released worldwide and 51 unreleased to the masses. Stay tuned...

Get to it already, bro! 🎵🎵🎵

Alright, alright... Shamelessly, I plug 🔌
ONLY to find those few ear holes that adore the sounds that I produce. Let’s face it, I make noise and some people mistake it for music 🎵 🤣🤣🤣

Just released today to celebrate the beginning of @grassclouds on Twitter, where Smoke.io reviews can spread the #cannabis ❤️ Outside of this realm. Personally, I hate twitter but I left Facebook 10+ years ago so that is where you won’t find me...ever. I’m everywhere BUT FB. Search DADDY DAYCARE 2.0 on your platform of choice and if I’m not there ASK THEM WHY? 😆 I’m on ~150+ streaming sites worldwide.

Pick Your Poison

Souncloud: (new track)

Bandcamp: (catch unpublished + popular tracks here)

Stream now The Butthurt Society and more tracks by Daddy Daycare 2.0

Spotify: Daddy Daycare 2.0


State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.

Please use Cannabis responsibly and support #legalization through thoughtful & responsible action.

Daddy Daycare 2.0 is a proud new member of Smoke.io!

Creating original content for the #cannabis community in hopes of eliminating the stigma that has been wrongfully attached to a tremendously beneficial plant for too long!

State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.


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Just keep throwing the horns, mate!

And nice shirt in that .gif. 🤘


🤘😎 I’m a metal head for life!
Lamb of God is one of my top 5 til I die


There’s only one option to be in life. First time I was at a glam rock party and saw all those 60+ rockers, I knew how I wanted to grow old.

Lamb of God is definitely one of the most representative sounds of our generation. My kind of “anger”.

I missed this post last Friday! It’s great to learn and see more of ya! SMOKE ❤️ ‘s you!