1 Month On Smoke.io - A Toast to YOU #SmokeFam

5 months ago


Go ahead and load up a bowl, roll a spliff, twist a blunt, grab a dab, rub some RSO on, and munch down an edible... It’s time to celebrate, #SmokeFam!


It is my first month on Smoke.io and it’s felt like home from the start! Thanks to ALL OF YOU.

Rather late to the party, I wandered into Smoke.io via a link from the Canna Curate discord.

I immediately saw a few names/faces that I recognized from Steemit (where I once loved to create). And I am really glad I joined.

I missed creating content and was looking for new platforms to do that. They are not all created equal, so it’s harder than I anticipated. Steemit stopped feeling like ‘home’ long ago, so not being a social media vagabond makes me happy.

Smoke.io gives us a great platform to build on.

The post editing here is similar to Steemit and those two platforms are a golden opportunity for creators, whether we know it or not. I find too much nonsense in the ‘politics’ of the Steem community and simply got tired of being dragged into it.

I find smaller communities to be a better fit for me and considering we all share the common interest of cannabis here, that makes it vastly different than Steemit or any platform I know of.


Almost to 10k SMOKE POWER, thanks to ALL OF YOU spreading the 🔥 • Time to return the favor... (see below)

Quality over Quantity

You may (or may not) notice that I don’t post everyday. I’m a busy dude, but I also try to create to the best of my abilities so I am in no rush.

You could say I take my sweet ass time. And that’s ok.

I know my content can be better and that is my goal. In order to reach my goal, I must challenge myself. When I write a review, I read one review by @jackdub Or @potspoon and go back to the drawing board 🤣. I love it! There are many of you pushing the bar higher and that is creating more quality content. Worthy of a roasting toast 🔥 #smokefam.

I’m no content guru or supreme writer - just a dude that loves doing what I’m doing. I love cannabis and I love creating content about things that I love. So you can see why Smoke.io platform and I have become best buds.


I respect all of you creators, regardless of your skill level. That said, I love seeing the vast spectrum of content here and it’s not my aim to dilute that unnecessarily. Sometimes I have a post written and see a handful of great articles in the recent section - I’ll wait to post it.

I’d rather wait than to bury some stellar articles in the feed. Maybe I’ve just overanalyzed and am overthinking here, but many times ‘less is more’. I admire those of you who can rapid fire kickass content everyday. It’s not easy and I salute those who can do it - I’m not sure I could (yet).


Especially @indica for spreading that SMOKE all over! One of the first to stand out to me here and for many reasons, you’re a true pillar of the platform, mate! I have noticed a bit more activity and many more comments - that seems to be increasing from my observation just over my 1 month here.

We are a community and it’s great to see us treating it as such. We can set aside differences and share a common ground as a collective, which is a very special thing to share if you ask me. We can argue, fight, bang heads - but at the end of the day WE ARE #SmokeFam.

There are so many creators & curators here that inspire me to continue

A Toast to All of You Smoke.io Creators 🔥

There is so much great content here and no shortage of good people. We might not have a massive user base but what we have is a solid group of creative humans that share a common bond.

Facebook might have critical mass of users BUT they can’t even say that they have what we have here. It’s a special place and I will smoke to that!

BIG THANKS to all of the witnesses that keep this network running.

I know that maintaining a network is no ‘set and forget’ operation. Keeping this chain running is vital to the community and I think I can speak for most when I say THANK YOU.



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I've always loved having an actual topic I love to create for. And I hear ya re-not posting every day. I'm the same, although I have periods when I do daily but then I need a slower period again to make sure I don't burn out long term.

Other than that... Me thinks you belong right in here. 👌


When you see a post or more in a day then it was already written 😆
Not having Photoshop any longer keeps me off my desktop and on mobile & being on mobile slows my process down quite a bit. I enjoy the process so I just don’t want to take the fun out of it - I hear ya on sustaining long term. The burnout can be fierce.

Feel right at home here @unnamed and I appreciate what you do
Smoke On💨


Canva.app is awesome [not just on mobile btw].

It has a learning curve but Pixelmator is ace too and definitely worth the $5 it costs for iOS.

I didn’t get Pixelmator Photo so can’t vouch for that but reviews are ace and since same price seems totally worth it. Probably will get it when legal here and my nugs need to truly pop. :D

Btw after more than a year using my iPad Pro as main device I’m still struggling with the limited workflow. But I was an Alfredapp power user.


I’ll look into Canva.app and Pixlmator too. I’m on iPad as well and it’s pretty rough adjusting from 27” iMac with design suite to this. Thanks Adobe for taking $6k in license fees from me and then dumping support and abandoning everyone who bought physical software. They won’t get another $1 from me. I bought CS5 and 5.5 for both windows and Mac at one point and they basically rendered it useless unless you downgrade your OS to years back and never update your machine (yeah right..)

I don’t know how people work on tablets all day, I’d be fired if paid by the hour 🤣 I have used iPads for about 10 years and still can’t streamline a proper workflow


It’s getting better. Slide over AND split-view together allow a little flow already.

I think Apple massively harms itself by not wanting to allow and API which runs constantly just for itself. But that limitation is the main reason why we can’t have a nice workflow and need to hack our way round with shortcuts and slide over.

But, maybe users who have actual workflows are not the average user. 🤔

Tbh CS5.5 was launched in 2010.

We are happy to have you here. Just keep am coming the quality stuff. I myself don't have a lot of time to write posts so I berely manage a post a week. Butni love seeing new people come and become a part of the family.


High fives @zuculuz

I Appreciate that! This place feels like home and it’s been fun creating here. Soon as I’m done one finger typing with this joint 🔥 I’m going to try to post some #nugporn since it’s Saturday and all..haha