What Does A Rank 17 Smoke Witness Earn?

2 years ago


I’m curious about the details of this endeavor, how quickly will my ability to support grow so I started tracking daily via screen shots! Above is my wallet after a full 24 hr being at rank 17 below is the beginning shot.


I’m not trying to get an accurate ROI or nothing it’s just mere interest.

So 150.544 - 102.322 = 48.222 round down for good measure to 45 SMOKEPOWER daily just for running my witness 🙌 not bad

Assuming no complications or change in rewards I will have

45 * 7 = 315 SMOKEPOWER a week
45 * 30 = 1,350 SMOKEPOWER a month
45 * 365 = 16,425 SMOKEPOWER a year

Currently at 150 SMOKEPOWER my vote is worth .02 SMOKE so I will be increasing my ability to support by a factor of 3 each week from where I currently am!

.04 Smoke Upvote Increase Weekly
.12 Smoke Upvote Increase Monthly
1.44 Smoke Upvote Increase Yearly

Really when you think about it and myself seeing with posting rewards, it ain’t much 🤔


Conclusion, props goes out for those that are continuing to run their witnesses allowing all of us contributing content to be rewarded for our efforts 🙏 and thank you for everyone that have voted me into power 💪

A further shoutout for the curators whom are using their stake to support our creations. Seeing between 100-400 SMOKE rewards on posts is quite inspiring to know there is stake being put to good use.

So here is my acclamation of intentions in contributing to support those efforts the best I can by continuing to power everything up that I earn 💪


#blog #smoke-io #intentions #support

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I had the plan to send active witnesses a virtual green medal every month. But then @raz kept sneakily grabbing the greens ones and eventually we ran out.

Because I’m not convinced every witness would appreciate a magenta medal, I have shelved that thought and thus... well slightly less rewards for witnesses than intended. :D

Addendum: keep in mind that your projected upsmoke value is if the active stake stays as is now. The daily pool doesn’t grow and is distributed based on active stake used in rewarding.

So if in a year 4m additional SMOKE is staked and used (unlikely since some will dump, but then we may also have new investors) that will impact our effective rewards per vote. They will reward less in SMOKE, but hopefully by then more in monetary value.


I’d take a purple one!

Yea I understand how maths can work out, was a very basic breakdown for curiosity sake. As of this moment it seems content is the more rewarding venture but that could also change very quickly with more users.

Meh, not a monetary thing for me other then being a self funding venture if need be. All the bits of equipment I have purchased have paid off in my steem rewards, end result being having found blogging and vlogging to be therapeutic 😅 that’s the real win for me!

Now I am working on being true to myself 💪

About this much every minute!
Screenshot_20190712-133432_Samsung Internet.jpg
Vote for @trees


Thanks for the link buddy, voting both you and @trees now 💪

Hey @d00k13, welcome as witness. I have been a bit absent on Smoke.io but still looking after my witness. I voted for you


Excellent thank you kindly 🙌 welcome back by the way same story for me 😝