We Rolled Up Three More - #420FreeWrite “Wake N Bake”

2 months ago


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This has been an interesting week to say the least, have you been following the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Outbreak? Stuck in the house? Doing a lot of Wake N Baking? Well that’s perfect... even if dreaming of let’s write about it!

Stay Safe & Stay Rational


Feel Free To Join In - Prompt "Wake N Bake"


  • Make a Post using tag #420freewrite and leave a link in the comments.
  • OR leave your writing as a comment.
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    Feel free to do what ever you feel, no rules at all on this one, just be certain to include the prompt somewhere in the post!

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#420FreeWrite “Wake N Bake”


A cycle, a pattern, a daily duty, a habit, a desire or simply just an obsession. Most stoners I know enjoy a good Wake N Bake. By good I mean satisfying. Requiring a meal of significant weight to coincide the heavy feeling of our high, the munchies. Further reason not to move our lazy bums reaching simultaneously for the joint being passed back and forth and next mouthful of savoury deliciousness 🤤

I tend to eat really strange foods after my first toke of the day as if yesterdays desires come flooding back all at once. Dinner for breakfast is obviously my favourite places like Denny’s get much of my business being 24/7 breakfast & dinner menus. This morning after finishing up our two doobs of Some Sweet and a third of Ghost Bubba I had a craving for pirogies while the fiancé wanted eggs.


Thus we had pirogies and eggs, didn’t go great together but was very satisfying nonetheless. As you can see our dinning table is decorated nicely with our rolling tray in the middle and backup cans of bud against the wall 😅 I suppose this Wake N Bake breakfast wasn’t quite satisfying enough as...

We Rolled Up Three More

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Stuck in the house, following covid-19 and smoking some. 💚 I love pierogi 😍😋


Amen to that, luckily I get out as an essential service worker but I still feel trapped otherwise!

I would love for you to give the #420freewrite a go.... let’s see your creativity shine through 🙏 please 🥺

Comments or posts are accepted 😉


Right on Brother! Thank you for participating 😍

I'll go give that a read 👍