The Best Respect You Can Show An Athlete - D00k13 Digest

4 months ago

What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest!!! Coming at you today recording a retake of that failed live stream from a few days ago. Talking about ...

" ... walking off my job last night. After reflecting on it this morning I feel like talking a little about the message I took away from a Netflix Documentary Series on Micheal Jordan and how it relates to my struggles with employment by not feeling challenged. ... "

What an upset the first time trying to use my WIFI to save on data so I could record outside made for Audio connection issues and syncing to all platforms... periscope never did spit out anything after the live ended though it looked and sounded good, pretty certain WIFI with my iPhone XR caused it.

Anyways, on my way to go talk to work now. Wish me luck!

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Don't worry, you'll get a new job that you enjoy :) Maybe something in the cannabis industry? 😊
Your dog seems so calm and sweet


Well I am extremely worried as no its not looking like I will be able to find new employment for a long while with the flood of people laid off currently... I am being forced to take reduced hours and reduced wages, I could quit but no where is hiring? If I quit my job I do not get government support and will be forced to work to survive though there is no work available other then things like SKip The Dishes in the first place.

As for finding work within the cannabis industry from what I can tell it still operates like the blackmarket with inside dealings so unless I pull some strings with people I know its highly unlikely.... I assume its because no one wants to get caught over producing and selling on the blackmarket still SMH we are at the point of considering moving AGAIN just to stay afloat ... as of right now we only have a few months before running out of resources ...

Yea Jerry is my navigator 😅 he likes the car rides and treats for being security while I run into places. He takes his jobs seriously just like me!

Good luck bruh😁... you can do this


Thanks buddy, I sure hope so.... not isn't really an acceptable option!