The 7PM Shoutout For Essential Service Workers - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦

5 months ago

Seriously every single day since we have been instructed to social distance there has been a 7 PM Shout Out for all the essential service workers. People all around the city head outside and make noise at 7 PM on the dot, banging pans honking horns you name it they are out there and showing their support for everyone on the front lines!

Moments like these restore my faith in society 🥰 Thank You Everyone for the support and encouragement and that you selfless individuals out there doing what you can!

Stay Safe Out There!

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As you know, I live in Maine and we got 10 inches of heavy snow overnight and it's so heavy its bending and snapping huge tree branches! Essential powerline workers will be busy today for sure!


Amen brother! It’s crazy when you consider what is considered “essential service”... I have a martial law pass from my freezer job so I could even break curfew... kinda shows to me the fear around the governments interventions is a little baseless as maintaining order is priority but keeping faith of the populous is also very important.


BTW: Thank you for your recent gift, I will be doing something with it in a post as soon as I get my workload caught up from the power outage!


Me likey 🥳

And A Super Big Thanks to all those dedicated people making deliveries. The World would be screwed without those fearless individuals. So Thank You to You !


Your welcome brother! I do my thing cause I can till the day I can’t in hopes someone will be there for my time in need ❤️

Stay safe my friend 😘