Is Worth The Discussion!!! Just A Little Update On My Things Going On - Exclusive

2 years ago

What up my peeps, welcome to another Exclusive Video. This was recorded yesterday while waiting on the latest HF elsewhere to get sorted out SMH glad we don't have that BS here!

Talked About In This Video:

  • #witness-update soon to move and will temp shut down
  • #420FreeWrite a Thank You to sponsors
  • #milestone I am at 10K SP 100/420th for my vote slider and then next 10K for #sponsorship of
  • A Perfect first entry and example for the FreeWrite
  • How I see this relating to future promotion!

So Far, So Good 👌 Till Next Time

Smokem If Yea Gottem

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Congratulations to your milestone achievements @dook13. I am so amazed, reading such very informative post regarding health benefits from cannabis. Now I know why you couldn't stop smoking jejejeje


Yea there are many aspects to smoking weed that help... really it’s the smoking nicotine I want to give up but even that has its benefits for me.... I hate having to deal with anxiety 🤦‍♂️