Only Got The Demon Stoned - Blockchain Coffee “Designer Drug”

7 months ago

I could so go for a little designer drug called "Weedicide" right about now!

When the day finally comes that people can die from smoking marijuana what will they call suicide by cannabis, "Weedicide"? Sounds like something you would use to take care of weeds in your garden not a means of taking your own life. I suppose "Weedicide" would have about the same result as pesticides inhaled, same @d00k13, different pile.... Could you imagine death by cannabis? What would it be like? Painful or blissful? Something we would have to worry about people wanting to experience because it is just so enjoyable?

I think maybe we would call it "Cannacide". As in, "why would anyone smoke it if they know they won't wake up?" and the known response would be "because they Canna… Sighed."

If you have not figured it out by now, then yeah, I am having one of those moments where a means to an end feels like a welcomed solution. I know that it's not but that doesn't change how I feel. I admitted to my father today in a text message that I till spend nearly every waking moment thinking of killing myself and I am feeling like a hypocrite encouraging everyone to be positive and keep hustling. That demon never really goes away, I only find ways to silence him temporarily and being covid-19 locked up has made him that much more vocal as of late.

Try as I might to out smoke that bastard, somehow his tolerance always outweighs mine. Although that problem in of itself is also a solution being that I pass out long before him. Crazy me is left to wander the empty dark halls of my euphorically empty mind. Now if we could design something that …

… Only Got The Demon Stoned …

… Maybe none crazy me could be the one to stay awake and enjoy a euphorically empty mind …

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That’s very deep post and it makes sense of course in these times if you understand the spiritual aspect of cern, then know what I’m saying I’m blessing you right now in the name of the most high that the Holy Spirit will protect you and cover you and would defeat the plans of the enemy for you.
, as you will be able to stand strong and bold with purpose and full of joy In the Mighty and ancient name of Jesus


Thank you my friend, I feel as if I have lost that connection as of late... only the negative seems to be speaking to me when I try meditate...


Amen..... ( Yeshua in very ancient Aramaic)

It is very deep the way you are thinking all the time! I swear!


I truly wish I could just stop 🤦‍♂️ actually considered not posting this but figured that would be even more hypocritical.