Just a quick update on the #HappyHempDay LIVE Show

4 months ago

Every good project usually has a humble beginning right? I always look to what #OneLoveDTube started as compared to what it is today. We started as a vote trading community in the name of curation and evolved into a manual curation project offering video hosting services. All it took was two willing parties to get along and we have maintained the community and projects till this day with that mindset.


It Is A GO!!!

Even though I was recently given admin powers in the Official Smoke.io Discord by @Stoner, Love You Buddy 😘, will be hosting it in the @Canna-Curate Discord. Things seem to have been shaken up in platform loyalist world and I would really like to get a good start to the show, I hope many members will be present to help me get it off the ground 🤞 @tecnosgirl and @jonyoudyer I am looking at you. I can't forget @relaylogix and @jackdub whom I have seen active there also. You see many of us Smokers are active in the Canna-Curate community being one of the last semi-neutral zones(no judgement intended).

Snippits From Smoke.io Disord General

Feel free to join the conversation in our discord I would like feedback and insights ...

@d00k13 Yesterday at 8:41 AM

  • The power of @Smoke-Hostel Bot (suddenly I am admin)
  • I ask and she giveth :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  • Ok will be hosting the #happyhempday stream next week in canna-curate so I can get there help with the discord hosting part and I can focus on stream management and the segment discussion topics
  • Please I am looking for input on segment discussions you would like to hear
  • Ideas so far include but not limited too
  • investments, of any walk of life, people speaking of theirs and reasons not just speculations. Also intending these would be our hosts setting the ground for their position on things.
  • curation, join live in our curation discussed live we will reward your engagements on posts featured - I will have to mute all the darian bs on onelovesmoke and use that account just because
  • news, sticking cannabis & CBD related mostly though not sure how I may do that really still need to talk with the canna boys
  • testimonials/open platform, call the audience on the show with video or audio in discord for a user testimonial or just open platform to get their message heard as long as cannabis related.
    d00k13Yesterday at 9:04 AM
    I could use help weekly on
  • news, a list of links we can go through, preferably smoke.io where possible, detailing the weekly cannabis highlights
  • curation, I believe I would like to highlight @smoke_indica site with this ... I need all of your help in maintaining a fresh list of high quality works for indica to highlight ... and indica I just need you to keep doing your thing :wink:
  • I am doing this shit!
  • product endorsements, so far are a of interest thing but I hope we can get some interest... might be a recorded thing we play if that's the case

So I am slowly building everything. I will be working on the actual show functions early this week as I have discord control in @Canna-Curate Discord when no one is hosting I can play around.

As promised just keeping you guys updated... Till next time Stoners...

Smokem' If Yea Gottem'

PS once I get confirmation on working Smoke.io Signups I will be including promotion in my daily little vids 😎

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We just want to smoke bud and get along


Amen to that 👍

This life mehn... let's smoke the shii out


Amen, I hope to see you in the live chat on Facebook or Periscope or Twitch or Mixer or Youtube or D-Live or even the Canna-Curate Discord 🔥🔥🔥