[Happy Hemp Day] Buzzin, Up And Down, In And Out!!! - #420FreeWrite “Rollar Coaster”

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Staying home from work tonight, things have really slowed down around here. Did do a fair amount of billboard flyer posting this last weekend but only one has been touched, understandable with all that is going on. Though things look bleak right now I remain hopeful for a bright and smokey future!

Happy Hemp Day Everyone

Feel Free To Join In - Prompt "Rollar Coaster"

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    Feel free to do what ever you feel, no rules at all on this one, just be certain to include the prompt somewhere in the post!

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#420FreeWrite “Rollar Coaster”


Pungent aroma and sticky fingers, nothing beats these sensations.


Here. Doing what I wanna do.


Excitement unbridled in preparation for a ride.


Time standing still each step of the process becoming tedious.


Focus on one thing, the destination. All else disappears, a haze engulfs peripheral vision.


Worry melts away as time becomes nonexistent.


Till that moment we have to come back down 😎


I like my weed as if it were a Rollar Coaster....


Buzzin, Up And Down, In And Out!!!

Can't Get High If You Never Come Down 🤔

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Hello there smokers! I have seen this freewrite again and so here I am. but I decided to post it right here while my internet connectivity is still okay after our long power outage.

Here it is:
It was like a roller coaster when I thought everything seems alright and I said to myself: Gurl, you’re going to make it. At first, I was enthusiastic getting little upvotes from you guys meant a lot to me. It was an achievement on my part but things didn’t turned out that way. Instead, it was a roller coaster, it was so hurting I didn’t even want to explain further. Then I went back, got good upvotes. Thanks for that
I wanted to go back to that place of nowhere land where you can see what you often see here but is prohibited to be seen you using it in our place. It was a roller coaster when one tilled wholeheartedly and to be snatched away from you just because it was illegal. Who said so? It was not other’s money, you spent for it, labored for it and yet it’s illegal? Well, the law of the land always prevails so they say. Indeed it was a roller coaster of hide and seek, the one caught will be the loser. Okay got it.
Now there’s a huge roller coaster going around the world. The pandemic sent us on horrendous shock one cannot fathom. It was beyond one’s imagination. Death toll soared in each place setting aside those who were ‘informed earlier” (?)
Everybody was in turmoil, they don’t know where to take cover from this invisible invincible enemy. For how long, no one knows. Perhaps, this is what they say a “Mass Harvest” of mankind. It’s a roller coaster.

Note: I wrote this non-stop so forgive the errors.

Thanks and more puffs to you guys.



Thank you @Sarimanok very well done as always!

they don’t know where to take cover from this invisible invincible enemy. For how long, no one knows. Perhaps, this is what they say a “Mass Harvest” of mankind

You are right on the money if you ask me... implemented fear and panic to subdue and control their "harvest"(money or an extortion of us as labor for money)