Happy Hemp Day 🙌 Bulletin Boards This Week

3 months ago


Just a quick post I have plenty to do, made up this design quickly and noticed while printing the alignment on my printer is a little off but for now it will have to do! I should be able to get a few up today 🤞 but my focus today is getting those remaining cards to Foggy’s Vapor and following up with Carey.


Because I like flashy and I told @Chipanda I would produce something this week... also the QR code fits nicely over the Smoke.io logo 😉 snagged part of @offgrids graphic for the bottom 👌


Also did up some cards... the more directed information cards with a small QR code I find to be the best over the others I did up....


Trial run with QR code to test sizing, works on all cards and the print out with no problems... next QR code I produce will have tracking somehow 😉

Now to head out and give Carey more cards and see what he has to say about the non #happyhempday designs... something he mentioned might be easier for dispensaries to swallow... after that I’ll produce a bulletin board print out for the happy hemp day movement and prepare for a organized effort next week 👌

That’s it for today Smokers, just a quick update of my promotional efforts hopefully a video in coming days of feedback and something in between 🤞

Till Next Time

Smokem If Yea Gottem

#promote #smokeio #smokenetwork

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Fantastic. I like it a lot. I don't know why.... I just Like it a lot. ha ah ha .... You should see all the places I have posted mine. It's hillarious.


Yea buddy I really liked now colourful that design is so I just had to go with... have a few up myself... no where near as productive of a day as I hoped but still working at it a little each day 👌

Those bottom ones would make awesome Smoke.io Seed packages .... 4 seeds in each one for 4,200 Smoke ... $16 USD ? Hopefully Price will drop to 420 Smoke if we have a few Million Seeds to hand out eh... Talk to OverGrowCanada.ca ? Dana Larsen inludes Business Cards in all the Free Seeds he Males out. Maybe he will add a Smoke.io LInk to his Web Site ?


It’s an idea... don’t know how you would convince them to take crypto for seeds but getting them to promote us would come down to what do they get out of it?

So far I see marketing anything to sell as added effort on their behalf and expenses for printouts or anything... only us with stake would be willing to take this route but the promotion through their digital space may be achievable but I think someone would have to take up promoting their content here and making that arrangement to continue doing so....

I’m liking the physical route, potential for meetups down the line.... forging stronger relationships then what’s possible in a strictly digital space.