A Beautiful Sunset/Moonrise? - Happy Hemp Day

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Happy Hemp Day

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Waking to start my day, had intended to get this up before I slept this morning but behold sleep got the better of me 😅 #HappyHempDay 😅 just rolling out of bed at 4:20pm my brain was wondering... 🤔 wtf am I forgetting...

Ohh snap the image was still open on my phone, must have fell asleep playing with it ... the image you dirty minded ... was shooting for a Smokey Moon but ended with a Green Weed Moon as the purple didn’t look so good.


Here is the original, did you see the moon last night? It was crazy big and bright here in Victoria and I caught it at the waterfront while out doing SkipTheDishes which I am getting ready for another shift now.


First caught glimpse of it from the Castle with the other people pointing it out through the trees. Luckily this was just at the end of my shift and the waterfront was only 5 mins away, the lighting was almost perfect!


It was a beautiful sunset on one side and moonrise on the other 😅 I was one of many photographers shooting this moment. The beaches were flooded with people not social distancing, many of which were smoking weed in circles. They were avoided like that plague while hacking and choking on their joint, smelled good but this pandemic is going to have lasting social effects for us smokers...


These two ladies on the other hand were enjoying their doobie with a tune by themselves. I assume one was wooing the other with the guitar, your a single unit at the point of which your sharing a bed so no concerns 😅 but a circle of randoms on the other hand is not cool anymore... these two have the right idea just out trying to make the most of each other’s company ❤️

Happy Hemp Day

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happy hemp day!


Happy Hemp Day brother, ohh 😲 how the world changes so quick 🤔 he who evolves to meet this new online demand could do quite well for themselves 😉

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Thanks buddy, I’m thinking of doing up one for the pandemic to post on doors of closed shops 😅 any ideas? I am kinda drawing a blank ....