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11 months ago

High fellow Cannasseurs, Buds, CryptoSmokers and frients!

Join our Miss and her pretty potent resin; read about personal experience with alcohol and weed; have a look inside the life of one of our friends; check out how one of our growers is preparing Guano.

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Sunday is reserved for our Curation Post and a small promotion of our members with some of splendid work where we curate what they published this week. These are just few posts from our collection, there is a lot more that we would like to showcase, but there is also necessity not to spam "the chain" so we will pick creme de la creme that we could find. Be sure to check individual respected authors for more quality content and material. If you are a member, keep on posting as awesome as you did before, we love having you as a part of our small tribe.

This week’s most distinguishable posts from our members:


We sincerely hope you get better.


@oluwastonerEffects Of Palm-wine And Cannabis (Personal Experience)

Great write on how cannabis and alcohol go or don't go together. Some nice advice inside.


@carpediemClimbing The Everest?! 🗻 ...Perhaps not...Just a Day with My Dog 🐕 and some Bouldering

Day for doing nothing with your friend. Got to make it up for lack of attention recently.


@dreadkPreparation of Bat Guano Tea

Clean and on point, straightforward guide.


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Thank you guys for the pick, your work is always appreciated!

And i am humbled to be such a 'guest on your wall'.



Keep the quality flowing and we'll see you next time fo' sure!


Go tell it to those little humans that take 90% of my free time :)))
I trying my best though, thanks for the support!