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I have been researching the possibility of building an exchange for SMOKE with BTC, ETH, and STEEM pairs to SMOKE. My friend is currently building an exchange like that for STEEM and Smart Media Tokens. As I am considering how to do this for SMOKE, it dawns on me that most of what I need is already built into

We have a way to transfer SMOKE and a place to post an ETH, BTC, or STEEM address for payment. As an experiment and to test the market, I will use this post as the offer and the comment section to finalize the trade.

I am offering 1000 SMOKE for sale for .0125 BTC or 0.333 ETH or 170 STEEM

Reply to this post with:

"I want to buy 1000 SMOKE for 0.0125 BTC"
"I want to buy 1000 SMOKE for 0.333 ETH"
"I want to buy 1000 SMOKE for 170 STEEM"

I will reply with my ETH, BTC, or STEEM address accordingly.

You send 0.0125, 0.333 ETH , or 170 STEEM to the address that I provide.
Once I have received 0.0125 BTC, 0.333 ETH or 170 STEEM, I will send you 1000 SMOKE.

  • This offer is first come first serve.
  • I will process the order as soon as I see it with my afia bot notification.
  • Once the order is processed, I will update this post to show that it is no longer available.

Note: You can currently buy SMOKE cheaper using BTS on, but you will need to exchange your BTC, ETH, or STEEM for BTS and then buy SMOKE with BTS. This is an experiment to gauge the market to see if more liquidity could be created for SMOKE with these pairs. My reputation as a witness is on the line here so even though there is trust involved, I am incentivized to be trustworthy and will make sure to be fair and transparent.

If there are any big price moves, I will rescind or change this offer. Other wise it is good until post pays out.

#smoke #exchange #bitcoin #btc #eth #steem

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am going to be buying some from you by the weekend. Hope it is still available.


It could be!

I am interested to buy 10k smoke ( for BTC ), if the price can be negotiated / you can contact me on / user name : lordoftruth.

By the way I started to get more magnesium into my system using epsom salt in a bath as your advice, and I start to feel better !

Thank you so much for yout great advice.


That is awesome that the magnesium is helping! Really glad to hear that!

I offered my lowest price, but I might have a suggestion for you. I can get on steemchat later today. Are you not on discord?


Thank you
Yes I am on discord also with the same user name.
If you have a suggestion, please contact me.

I'm also offering Smoke for Steem if anybody want to buy some Smoke. Great initiative (hope i spelled that right)!

Powering down some Steem Power soon. I hope I don't miss it.

Great idea.... I only have about 70 liquid Steem at the moment.

If you will sell a bigger quantity, your price is really good because of the low volume & liquidity on exchange.


I would consider offering a bigger quantity if someone buys up this first 1000.

This is a awesome idea, smoke needs to be more accessible for it to grow. Good on you mate thanks. Bong on bro. :-)

That’s a nice way to get some SMOKE goin’ around! Cheers!

Good offer! But because they do not promote the smoke market through exchanges.? So they give more weight to smoke :)

excellent initiative I want steem to play steem monster