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10 months ago

Hello smoke friends, how are you doing this weekend? Although soon it will be Monday and many will have to return to the routine, one of those people who returns to the routine is me, but always active to dedicate time to SMOKE.IO and my projects.

Next I want to show you some advances of MU TITAM - For those who wonder what the hell is this you can take a walk through the introductory post and find out a bit about this project Here. . Some things have changed since I made his first announcement and my imagination flies as I apply more things to this game, I am always adding new things and test some applications.


Logo de carga - MU TITAM.



This is how the interface looks when accessing MU TITAM.

Current changes


  • Due to the cost of using an ERC20 Token based on Ethereum, I decided to use a Bitshares Token. By this I mean that TITAM will be a Token based on Bitshares, this you can acquire it in the game and through the market or exchange of Rudex or any platform that uses the Bitshares technology.
  • The interface is something that has my balls full and that is a lot of work to adapt all this to a Token, but according to my calculations I already have 70% almost finished. For now I am focusing on some details of the logic of the game and the difficulty of it.


  • I had previously mentioned that you could win STEEM in this game but because the process of creating accounts in STEEM is annoying when waiting for a password, I decided to leave that idea in the past and dedicate this game totally to the SMOKE community. IO, with this I want to tell you that it is positive and you can win SMOKE in the game. - The official account of @titam in SMOKE is already created, this will serve as a link between MUTITAM and SMOKE, especially when you want to deposit or withdraw SMOKE from MU TITAM.

SMOKE functions:

While eliminating monsters you can get SMOKE, this will serve to trade objects with other characters in the game, buy items at the MU TITAM store, exchange it for TITAM, deposit it or withdraw it from your MU TITAM account to your SMOKE account or vice versa. You can also exchange it for Bitshares exchange it for real money or boost your SMOKE account.

TITAM functions:

While eliminating monsters you can also get TITAM, only that it has more dedicated functions to your character, you can increase your character's abilities to eliminate monsters that launch more SMOKE and objects with better characteristics, you can withdraw it or deposit directly from RUDEX or any exchange that use the Bitshares blockchain technology to your MUTITAM account, also with TITAM you can exchange it for Bitshares and thus buy more SMOKE or exchange it for real money.



This is my first project using the blockchain technology, which has me very motivated and I want to finish this and make its launch as soon as possible, but I must emphasize that there are things that I still have to finish so that they can have a better game experience, I must clarify something and that is not an ambitious project that seeks to fill the pockets of anyone, with this you can generate cryptocurrencies, but with this I do not mean that you will become a millionaire with MU TITAM, I only put faith in you in that you can have fun and win extra cryptocurrencies in your spare time.

If you have any question or suggestion you can leave your opinion in the comments, I am willing to see your opinion, feel free to express yourself.

Any donation to this project is received with your wise appreciation and you can do it directly to the account of @titam in SMOKE.IO, the release is scheduled for the end of July 2019, there is still some time to refine details and bring them this mega gift to the SMOKE community.

Do not forget to vote for your favorite witnesses.

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Holy cheezyballs man this looks really good so far! I think the idea of ditching Steem, and replacing it with Smoke coins as reward instead is a great idea ;)
Cant wait to see this game when it rolls out


Soon I will be available, I hope to see you at the inauguration.