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Hello friends, as you know, I have been working hard for some months on this project that I carry with my heart and mind, haha ​​every time I gather a little inspiration I dedicate it to this project and it is something that I am fighting for in these moments, I think I'm going against the wind and the tides but in spite of everything I've already made a breakthrough and will soon be the first RPG Game with which you can win cryptocurrencies, this is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own cryptoactive TITAM which you can obtain through your progress in the game.

This project was born some time ago while meditating with myself looking for great ideas for a project on the web, I belong to a country called Venezuela which is hit by a great economic crisis this has driven me a lot to use my knowledge and apply a little in the cryptographic world.

What is MU Online?

Mu online is an online role-playing game created by the Korean company WEBZEN, this game was released a few years ago reaching many places in the world, there are many versions of this game and infinities of Mu Online private servers but there is none based on cryptography, then there is where TITAM comes in.

What is the difference between MU TITAM and MU Online?

Actually the difference is not much, both are online games in which you can have a lot of fun, the difference exists in that MU TITAM is based on the blockchain of Ethereum which will be totally monetized with its own cryptoactive, this you can get through your progress in the game.

How to play MU TITAM?

It is very easy to play MU, the journey begins creating an account on the website, the system will generate a secure password which you should not provide to anyone, you can change it later if you wish, each account can create a character which will be your brave fighter in the continent of MU TITAM, when entering the game you will find many monsters or mobs in all the maps, these you will have to eliminate them with your character, each mobs that you eliminate will generate experience in your character which you need to level up, each level obtained rewards you with a TITAM, the TITAM obtained in the game you can withdraw it and change it for other cryptoactives, increase the skills of your character or use it to buy equipment to other players of the server, the maximum level of each character will be established in 1500 , you will need 400 levels to reset your character and return to win more TITAM, to withdraw TITAM you will need your character to be level 200, or it is a requirement that is implemented to avoid fraud on the server.


Smart contract

Token symbol
3 - 1,000 TITAM

In addition to owning its own crypto, MU TITAM has three digital assets that will be used in the game, these have a name of "Gold, soul & bless" these are used for purchases in the internal stores of the server, trades with other players, improvements for your character and can be exchanged for TITAM, this game will feature a high-tech website developed by me, you can make P2P transfers of all digital assets at incredible speeds, also has many internal events that will help you increase the level of your character, you can create a clam and make wars to become the best, eliminate the biggest monsters and obtain unique equipment, at the end of the month the system will deliver prizes in TITAM to the first positions in the Ranking of clans, characters with more reset and level, pk level and Castle winners mow.

Minimum requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or More
512MB video card
500MB hard disk space
Dual-Core processor
Metamask Wallet

The launch of this game is scheduled for late July 2019, there are still things to configure to start its launch in the air, this network will be linked to SMOKE and it is good news because you can buy TITAM with SMOKE, you can also market TITAM with BITSHARES, one of the things that distinguishes this project from others is that this game will not have an initial offer of coins, everything will start the day of its opening.

For now you can join the project on the discord channel

#development #blockchain #loyalfriends #eth

I would also like to know your opinion about this, I need some ideas to program, you can comment and let me know, I hope to see you soon as TITANES.


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I'd say, such ideas are in the air. Good luck to you.
If you need critics, the first question about the limits. Imagine a player who bought too many of in-game improvements. He will always win.
If so, others won't play. I would not like to play if I know that I will lose.


The progress of a player will not affect your progress, everyone has the possibility of being good players even without investing money in the game, it all depends on how you play. The level of difficulty depends on you. :)