Designing SMOKE coin 3D and STEEM, for MUTITAM.

5 months ago

I had many days thinking about adding smoke to MUTITAM and of course I said yes. Now I am developing an item called SMOKE COIN in a 3D modeling, this coin can be obtained in the game just like STEEM eliminating monsters. if you missed something about this online blockchain rpg you can read a bit here ...





Depending on how this project goes, I will add little by little more cryptocurrencies than you can get here, one of them is WLS of Whaleshares and BTS of bitshares, these will be added in the not too distant future.

Any donation for this project will be received with your wise appreciation. The launch is scheduled for July 2019, you can join the discord channel and stay informed about all the progress and important news about MUTITAM.

Discord channel

Donate Project Bitshares.png

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#smoke - #developing - #game - #blockchain

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What software is that?


Milkshape 3D 1.8.4

Would be really nice to have the SMOKE logo in 3D. When you finish it can you make available the file? :)


Of course friend.