Why i don't celebrate new year?

9 months ago


Today is 1st January. The year 2019 start from today. Lot's of people celebrating, wishing to friends and family member but i am different types of people. I didn't wish anyone but lot's of people wished me. Even my friends asked me that what is plan for new year. I replied nothing. This day is like my usual day. In the topic you understand that i don't celebrate new year why?

1. There are no single history of new year. 

I studies lot's of book and my religion that's why this the major religion i don't celebrate new year. It is a man made Festival. I am muslim and according to my religion we muslim shouldn't celebrate any man made  celebration. Any prophet didn't celebrate this date. If we follow prophet then we shouldn't celebrate. When this date started for celebrate 100% people started this new year. There are no benefits rather there are loss. 

2. Waste of time and money. 

When a person celebrate new year. Full day he enjoy and full day enjoy takes lot's of money. I am student and a poor people that's why i don't have money  for waste. People this day takes drink and smoke and we all know that alcohol and smoking is not good for health. Especially islam don't allow to use alcohol. Lot's of people do bad work. I am shocked that when i asked a people why you celebrate new year. He said that if this day we will enjoy then in this year everyday we will enjoy. I m asking all of you, is there any reality in this word ofcourse none. 

I repent in new year.

May be you are shocked to hear that i repent in new year  why?

Because i got only one life and limited time. My life's one year more i spent. How much good work and bad work i did in previous year. One year more reduced from my life that's why i repent. Whatever time we got from god we should do good work and we should pray to forgive every bad work because one day we will die. God will never ask that did you celebrate new year. God will ask that i gave 60, 50, and whatever time What you did in your life. How much time you remembered me. God will ask why you did which one i didn't permitted and why you did which one prohibited you. 

Hence i would love to say you don't more enjoy and don't use drink and smoke in new year. Lot's of people are dying because they used alcohol. 

Your younger brother @charliechain

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